Help Critique My Diet & Workout

Hi Everyone!

I'm 5ft.  I currently weigh 120 pounds and 24.5% Body Fat.  I have been on the bulletproof diet since May.  No fat gain or loss, no weight gain or loss.  However, my skin is amazing!

I sleep good too and in darkness - 7.5 hours a night on average, and don't have chronic knee pain anymore.  Mood/state:  I have no cravings and feel like I have a positive outlook.


GOAL WEIGHT - to be at 110 pounds AND 20% Body Fat.  Basically just want to lose 10 pounds.

GOAL STRENGTH -  To be able to successfully do 6 pull ups :) that would get me to thrilled!


Current calorie intake: 1500 on non-workout days.  1800 on workout days.

Workout frequency:  Once every three days, I lift heavy, and do about 5 - 6 exercises.


My current strength levels to get an idea are:

Leg Press:  #250 pounds x 3 sets of 8 reps each

Bicep Barbell Curl:  #40 pounds x 12reps; then 30 pound barbell x 2 sets of 8 reps

I can do about 4 chin ups and just 2 pull ups, still have lots of work to do on lats.

30 consecutive normal pushups


Current Diet:

Start with Primal Defense Probiotic and Vitamin D 5000 IU on empty stomach while preparing BP coffee

Bulletproof Coffee made with tbsp of butter and tbsp of MCT oil every day

Brunch options are Grass fed beef with tomato, lettuce, tsp of mustard and avocado over sweet potatoes

sometimes I will eat some Udi's bread 

If I don't work out, I will have some tomatoes and cucumbers with lentils  as I get hungry after 4 hours.

If I do work out, I have a High quality protein Bluebonnet with frozen mango post workout only

Shower, work on projects

Then dinner is grass fed beef in bone broth simmered with turmeric broken in from a capsule,

and marrow bones with veggies, sweet potatoes on workout days and boiled and drained white rice.




Now how can I improve?  Raise or lower calories, exercise.. ?

I've tried tweaking variables but of no avail.  My clothes fit the exact same. 

Any tips on how to get to these goals before the new year? 









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    Try lowering your inflammation with supplements. Try krill oil and curcumin. You should also be taking your vitamin d with your coffee instead of before because it is a fat soluble vitamin and you need fat to absorb it. Lentils are bad for you I'm pretty sure, stop eating those. Do more compound movements when working out, squats, kettlebell swings, etc. I imagine you're just trying to lose fat not weight.
  • @kevintran502 - will try the vitamin d with the coffee, great idea!  do green drinks like Athletic Greens help lower inflammation?  I have some but use it more like a pre workout.  what do you think?  also are plyometrics considered compound movements? 


    @JasonMiller!!!  Hey thank you for the tip on the glucose vs. fructose!  I've lifted weights since I was 18 (am 35 now) and had no idea about that.  Always thought any carbs will do but had no idea of the type.  Which of the green zone carbs have glucose, other than the ones you mentioned. 


    - also what is the best time to take a digestive enzyme?  

    - have you guys tried Occams protocol or PAGG?  helped?

    I was thinking of trying a 4HB workout frequency with BP food guidelines!  Any ideas would be awesome!


    Will try out these tips.  Thanks guys! 

  • IDk about green drinks, I know jason here doesn't think they're worth the money.
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