Biohacking Hair Growth

I realize this is superficial, but does anyone have any tips for healthier/faster growing hair?


I eat pretty strictly bulletproof, follow the reccomended supplement regimen, and take 2 tbs Upgraded Collagen+ ~2g Vitamin C at night (I cycle it). I don't really work out, but I work in a city and walk a lot.


Any other suggestions/supplements? I'm impatient.

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  • Look into biotin supplementation. It supposedly speeds up hair growth and make it thicker as well. 

  • A Chinese herb called He Shou Wu (also called Fo Ti) is known for helping with hair growth and preventing it from turning grey.

    Also, try doing regular scalp & neck massages. This helps to bring blood and nutrients up to nourish the hair follicles so they can grow faster. It's so easy do on yourself for 5 minutes every night before bed. Having a tight scalp can actually cause baldness!!

    Horsetail is another herb that can help. It has high levels of silica, so it helps with nail growth as well.
  • Look around on YouTube at some of the tutorials on apple cider vinegar rinses, coconut oil for scalp conditioning and sulfate free shampoos.


    My husband's hair was falling out even after he got onto bullet proof diet.  He started doing the following (and don't ever tell him I'm blabbing about him on the Internet!) and it stopped the fall out.  I don't think he has had new hair growth but I do think his hair is thicker, softer and looks less thin.  It's stopped falling out.


    Coconut Oil



    ACV Hair Rinse



    I've tried a few different sulfate free shampoos and have settled on this:,default,pd.html


    I can get Burts Bees at Target for about $5.

  • This has been a problem for me since I was 25. I found this article I think may be pretty helpful. It has 9 possible causes of hair loss either dealing with hair falling out by the roots or breaking bc of lack of strength.

    I always thought my hair was just breaking but after doing the tests that the article mentioned (looking for a bulb at the end of the strand) I figured out that my hair was actually falling out at the roots. which leads me to believe my own problem may be stress/hormone related rather than me not using the right shampoo/conditioning methods.
  • MSM supplementation. I started taking it as part of an autoimmune regimen and for hard training. Coupled with exercise & fats, my hair came in wavier & stronger.

    I also don't use harsh chemicals to clean my hair. Either Kiss My Face's Peace Soap, Dr. Bronners or african black soap plus coconut oil as a conditioner/moisturizer when I'm not being lazy.
  • Has anyone tried Supplementing with IODINE? Has it helped?
  • It's difficult to qualify if anything really helps; the only thing I can think of is if someone has their hair died to their roots a drastically different color and therefore can track the speed of growth. But just measuring how long your hair is won't necessarily reflect recent dietary changes, as any hair that is already out of your follicle is a direct result of past dietary choices, and therefore may be weak/unable to grow long without breakage.


    Which is another important point: can we really make hair follicles produce hair faster, or can we just make them produce a thicker, healthier strand that will therefore grow longer without breaking?

    All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident. --Arthur Schopenhauer

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