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Hello all, obviously this is my first post and an unusual topic. After reading Dave's blog on the rapid fat loss and keeping the liver running, I decided to join.

One thing that is supposed to be really good for liver cleansing is coffee enemas, even better if done with a high quality bean such as Bulletproof coffee. There are several great web resources and references available if one wants to look it up (Gerson method). Essentially the room temp coffee is retained in the rectum for 10-15 minutes. The caffeine is absorbed through a rectal vein and mainlined through to the liver in a way that simply drinking coffee does not do. This stimulates the liver as well as the gallbladder, causing increased detoxifying and a large bile secretion. Personally, I have had it completely kill mild hangovers in 15 minutes among other things. You can actually hear and feel a squirting/ gurgling from the gallbladder. The next days bowel movement looks particularly nasty as well as a toxic smell.


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    lol  The three levels of Bulletproof


    Level 1:  Drinking special coffee.

    Level 2:  Adding butter and coconut oil to your coffee.

    Level 3:  Drinking coffee through your anus.


    My friends are already laughing at my buttery coffee, I don't think they would accept me progressing to level 3.  hahahah

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    Ok, I'm a fairly creative person but can somebody tell me how you 1. get coffee up your anus and 2. how do you retain it in the rectum for 15 minutes?

  • This link may be helpful if you are interested in coffee enemas including some suggestions for an enema kit:




    I used to read a lot of Jessica's stuff, but I am now only interested in BP!


    BP is a lifestyle and I am loving it!

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    I've aways wondered about the health benefits of a quick flush. Heard both good and bad about them, so a bit unsure if they're worth the effort and cost. Thing is, with all the good food I'm eating and the squatty potty, things are going ok ;-)


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  • I am soo happy to find that someone here has discovered the coffee enema! I just started using the BP coffee for mine.. I've done ten for a year and have found that try have really helped me. I also do near infrared saunas to help with detox

    Nice to meet you all !!
  • Well I've literally just finished a 6 shot espresso with reverse osmosis water enima. I used a traditional hot water bottle set up and did 1 and a half bags with about 5 evacuations. I also downed 2 teaspoons of charcoal and water. I don't know how anyone can hold much water for longer than a couple of minutes. When it's time IT IS TIME! So to add to the hilarity of this event I thought I'd make the most of what water is left in my colon by laying on my vibro-gym (takes a bow) How do I feel? Well I was at a wedding on the weekend and I had sugar and alcohol, my guts have been inflamed ever since. I am pleased to say I feel much better. With all the red meat I'm eating on the BP Diet I think a fortnightly flush may be good maintainable. I know for some of you this is a laugh and I welcome your remarks with great love, to anyone versed in enemas with practical tips or info, please feel free to share. C20
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    Enemas are great for a quick flush, and it's something I'd definitely do the day after a cheat day binge. I plan to try it with apple cider vinegar.


    I bought a kit on Amazon, because I'm not going to buy one in public.



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