Should I Try More Supplements Now?

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Hi guys,


First a little bit about myself, since I think it is important in this context. 2.5 years ago I got mono/kissing disease which after a while was gone in my blood, but I still was very tired. Before I got sick I did drink a lot of beer, ate a lot of chicken/tuna, oatmeal, a lot of protein, and other bodybuilding foods which I thought were healthy. I tried a lot of stuff and did research a lot, nothing worked (natural docs, psychologists because I felt bad).


A few months ago I started with cognitive therapy since they concluded I have CFS, but I didn't want to accept that, and I did find bulletproof. A few months before I did find bulletproof I already started with vitamin b12 after a seminar/lecture about this and magnesium. I started thinking clearer and had less pain in my legs, I also slept better. 


Moving forward to like 1 month ago, I started eating bulletproof as well as I can (paying for coconut oil, protein powder and so on myself), and also added vitamin d, vitamin c, and just ordered iodine which I still have to start with, since I concluded I don't get any iodine from food at all and didn't have this for years. 


Basically my health is going well, but it starts all to get pretty expensive. I am absolutely convinced that the food is critital. Had a lot of sugar 2 weeks ago, felt bad for 3 days, and a few days ago I had alcohol free wine (apparently lots of toxins) and some wheat, felt bad again too. 


So yeah, I won't be saving money on my food. Also I started taking magnesium malate lately instead of the mix I had (with proper forms according to supplement guide) since I did read malate is optimal for CFS and pain in my legs (fybro?) which I already have for over a year. Also when I finished my first magnesium I ordered by accident magnesium oxide, issues came back, started researching, turned out I ordered wrong form, ordered good form, issues became less again. Cliffs: magnesium and proper food are critical for sure at the moment for my health.


I wonder what supplements I should keep taking now, which ones to quit with, and maybe which ones to add. Basically I concluded that I am magnesium deficient and that my body is toxified, because of all the insane high toxic food and drinks I have put into my body before I got sick (that is why I post it here). Also it is not unimportant that it starts to get a lill expensive for me. My health is important, but right now ALL my money goes to food and supplements. If the supplements really can help me with my fatigue I have no problem with that, but if I can skip supplements without noticing consequences that would be nice. I will lower my dose b12 because of this (did take 2 months extreme high dose because they did recommend this) to a std amount.


Do you guys think I should keep taking all of those? And do you think I should add more? I did read yesterday and today about calcium d glucarate and l-glutathione, which apparently might help too. Hope you guys can advice me a bit on this, since on the one hand I feel like ''buy everything that can help'', but on the other hand it gets pretty expensive for me and I don't know if its necessary. Thanks a lot


  • try adding n-acetylcisteine which is a glutathione precursor. Cisteine is the rate-limiting amino for glutathione production so it should up regulate your glutathione production. You can take it with vitamin C.   It's cheaper than glutathione itself.  You need a good mineral mix supplement (or eat a lot of green leafy veg) as you need cofactors like selenium. You might also want to consider eating things like watermelon regularly (including the rind which you can treat like a vegetable and add to stir frys). It contains citrulline which is an amino acid that helps ammonia detoxification. Always better if you can get things from your food.

  • Issue with watermelon is that it contains a lot of sugar, which contradicts with my diet I try to follow to lose bodyfat. Do you suggest that supplement because it is good in general, or do you think it can help my specific case with the fatigue? And also, what about quiting with other supplements?

  • edited December 2013  watermelon is the best natural source of citrulline - the amino is named after the melon. Citrulline has been found to raise arginine levels more than taking arginine supplements directly. It supports the Urea cycle helping to remove ammonia from the body and consequently supports energy production via the Krebs cycle.  It has been found to be ergogenic particularly when consumed before a workout and it's been found to stimulate greater release of Human Growth Hormone. The sugar content is a red herring. The Terry Wahls principle "Get it from your food first" applies

  • Luckily enough this bulletproof diet already raised my libido a lot. But yeah, thanks girl! Also I decided to quit the b12 for a while to see if it has effects. If it does I will continue with a lower dose.
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    Allright guys,


    I am back since I want to test more supplements to recover from my CFS. I did read about Kiefer Detox 2.0, did some research on my own, and concluded that I want to take some other supplements. It is a bit based on this and on bulletproof:


    So yeah, I want to start taking creating (google creatine chronic fatigue and u will get good results). Thinking about 20g creatine a day, 5g with each meal, and 5g post training together with whey isolate. 


    Also thinking about starting leucine. To be honest I didn't find really strong research about this except things like this: Thinking about 5 grams post training in my shake, and 5g together with my carbs once a week. To be honest the most important reason I think this is smart is because Kiefer recommends it.


    Third, I want to start taking fish oil. With this, research is clear again that it can help with chronic fatigue. That said, stuff is expensive, really expensive. I started looking for krill oil since this is what dave recommends, but this is unaffordable. I am thinking about taking 5 grams of omega 3 every day. I did find cod liver oil though, which is much more affordable. I did find one with is 500ml, $35, and has 1g omega 3 for every 5 milliliter. They write the following: ''good quality, farmaceutical quality''. Oil is from cod liver, caught in north atlantic ocean. Molecular destillized, free from heavy metals. I am most scared because it has quite a bit of vitamin A, I wonder if this is dangerous? Heard Dave say in a podcast that multivitamins often have too much vitamin A, so I am a bit scared to take it.


    Edit: I did find liquid omega 3, so without the vitamin A and D. Will order this one to be safe, about same price and specifications. 


    Finally I am thinking about start taking chlorella. No strong research, but did read positive things about it. Thinking about taking 10 grams a day in the morning. 


    Allright guys, please let me know what you guys think. 

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