Any Low Estrogen, Young Women Out There?

Fellow double X chromosome'd BPers,


I'm 30, following a bulletproof/paleo diet for over a year, managing my stress and prioritizing my sleep.  A few months back, I had my hormone levels tested; everything came back in the normal range with the exception an estradiol reading of 50 pg/mL.  My non-integrative doc scribbled a prescription for birth control and sent me on my way.  I can't concede to using birth control to increase my estrogen.  I'm taking maca everyday, but wanted to throw this post into the ladies BP forum to see if anyone else was in the same boat.  


Not looking to conceive children, but anytime hormone levels are out of range, it's a cause for concern and careful monitoring.  Would love to hear from you if you're out there!




  • 32.... and Estrodone is 12 Range being 15-350....non-existent estrogen.... and estradiol is so low..... I've been trying to gain weight because I have about 5% BF but being Bulletproof doesn't put a lot of weight on.....I would eventually like children but as of right now it's looking like I am going to be on fertility treatments or adopt.... haven't gotten a period since like high school ;(

  • Which hormones did your doc test? From what I understand, the body produces hormones in a certain priority list, so if you're making too much of another hormone which the body deems more important, the reproductive hormones get set aside.


    I'm sure this could be one of many complex explanations, but it's why I asked which others the test included.

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  • Testosterone, Progesterone, Thyroid levels all in the normal range.  I asked about Cortisol and organic acid panel testing and was dismissed me outright.  Wish I could afford to go to a functional medicine doc, but I'm cattle herded to Kaiser.  Would be interested in knowing if any of you have taken it upon yourself to do further laboratory testing and if you found it useful.

  • Got it.


    Do you have any symptoms of adrenal fatigue?

    It might be worth it to look into some adrenal support supplements, adding in more reefed days, and making sure you aren't doing too much cardio.


    Even if you don't have full blown AF/need adrenal support to such an extent, you may still have low DHEA. The precursor to testosterone and estrogen is DHEA, which is secondary to the stress hormones. I like this article on it, especially the last part about increasing it naturally; the tips are probably nothing you don't know, but it's a good reminder nonetheless.


    All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident. --Arthur Schopenhauer

  • Thanks, Amanda.  Really appreciate your input and link.  

  • If your testosterone levels are normal but estradiol is low something is inhibiting the aromatase enzyme.  A chinese herb called Bai Shao up regulates aromatase (white peony root).  You could find an acupuncturist to help.  If you want to do some hormone testing privately you can get them from a number of places:   direct  or  

    The Genova complete urinary hormone test might be useful. 


    Sometimes it's actually a neurotransmitter problem rather than an adrenal problem. 

  • I want to second acupuncture.  A really good acupuncturist with excellent intuition can help either with a collective of techniques.  I recommend not focusing on IF'ing if your hormones are out of whack. Eat Sweet potatoes and broccoli!  Do you drink BPC and do you think caffeine would effect you? Valid research can be dodgy on caffeine's effects on women but caffeine is often brought up when researching how to balance female hormones and decreasing inflammation.  For instance, I'm in a BPC honeymoon-phase that needs to chill out a bit ;) sadly. 

  • Thanks for the additional feedback. 


    It was difficult to stop drinking BPC.  I've finally relegated myself to BPTea.  Going in for another round of blood work this week; doc said to wait until day 20.  It's really hard to demand a healthy cadence of lab work from traditional practitioners (under big box insurance providers) isn't it?  Hopefully the maca, BP eating, reduced exercise and acupuncture have improved estrogen levels.  Cheers!

  • Just an update and hopefully will provide some helpful color to women in the same boat.


    Got my blood work back and brought my estradiol levels back up to > 150 pg/mL (from <50).  To summarize the overstated, hard truth?  Prioritize stress management, sleep, eliminate/reduce caffeine, stop overexercising and eat carefully as suited to your own well being... ooh, plus maca!  I think it helped bump things along.  


    Nothing enlightening, I know, but it's exciting to see results. 

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