• Interesting.  Now I just have to figure out how to make a BP espresso :)  I have an Aeropress and the Hario grinder that Tim uses but I never use them because I prefer my Chemex and Baratza grinder.  But I wouldn't mind playing with it if I could figure out a way to keep the coffee hot enough to make it BP (I use 28g coffee and 400g water but the Aeropress won't hold that much so I'd have to make it twice).


    And don't be posting espresso wife would kill me if I got back into espresso and started buying equipment again :)

  • You won't get a decent espresso with an aeropress. No crema. 

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    I have a blade grinder :-(

    But, my espressos have a really good crema... Like 1/2 cm on top.
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    I read that article and thought "what a waste of time and money. Just make BPC, end up with something that tastes better and drives better performance."


    I like my coffee ritual better than Jony's.  And maybe if he drank BPC he'd kick out some better product. I'm an Apple user, but have been underwhelmed since Jobs' passing.

  • You need a conical grinder for a French press or pulling espresso shots - but if you're making a Hario or drip, just grind the living shit out of it with a blade grinder, I guess.  Conical gives you an even grind and an exact grind - espresso can demand that you calibrate to an exact grind given what kind of shot you want to pull.  Again, none of this really matters if you just want to make BPC with a Hario pourover.

  • You won't get a decent espresso with an aeropress. No crema. 


    I use 16-18g of coffee, fill the rest of the aeropress with 170 degree water and I get crema every time.


    Making sure the beans are not older than 2 or 3 weeks helps too

    Using more than 20g of coffee will be too much to "push" the crema out.

    Burr grinder is the only way to go. You'll have to play around with the settings at first but it's not too hard.


    An aeropress produces the smoothest cup of coffee I've ever had. Almost too smooth. I still prefer the Moka Pot over it. 

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