Level Up Status

I thought it might be cool to do a progressive log of hacks so far and short,medium and long term improvement goals to go along with them. 


Please add suggestions for improvements - there are so many tuned in people on the forum - I really value all the opinions you guys throw my way :) 


1. Diet

I have been progressively implementing more and more BP concepts into my diet - it is currently looking something as follows: 


Breakfast - BP coffee -  with MCT and butter unless I am out of MCT (such as now) so I substitute with coconut oil. 


Lunch -  120g sockeye salmon with half avacado and a cucumber


4pm pre - training snack - 1/6 serve of "sexual ice cream" 


DInner - varies every day but usually around 300g of some sort of meat and as many veggies as I like, usually blended or mixed with some butter/coconut cream (in a thai style curry) or something else of that nature. I don't keep many tabs on dinner - just eat until i'm not hungry. If I have trained super hard i'll make some rice or sweet potato to go along with it. Meat is almost always grass fed, pasture raised pork. Pastured or organic eggs 70% of the time (free range at supermarket at least). 


Dessert/snack- not often, but if so probably a handfull of macadamias or some coconut or dark (70% + lindt)


I have been trying to avoid alcohol as much as possible, but usually end up having around 2-3 drinks per week of some form or another. 



2. Supplements 


  • Vit C - 1000mg/day (blackmores (generic aussie brand that i had left over from past purchase) 
  • Vit K - 1000mcg K1, 1000mcg K2 - MK4, 200mcg K2 - MK7 /day (life exxtension softgels) 
  • VIT D - 10000IU per day (jarrow softgels) 
  • Magnesium Malate - 625mg/day (source naturals capsules)
  • Krill oil - 1g/day (now foods softgels)
  • powdered Kelp - 1/4 tsp/day (frontier natural products)
  • Cod liver oil - 1660mg cod liver oil (twinlab, norweign cod liver oil softgels) 
  • Folinic Acid/B12/TMG - Folinic acid - 800mcg/day, B12 - 12mcg/day, trimethylglycine - 1000mcg/day (capsules kirkmans)
  • L-glutamine - 8000mg/day (now foods capsules)
  • Digest gold - 1/2 capsules per day (enzymedica) 
  • Primal defence probiotics - 1/2 tablets per day (Garden of life)
  • Super enzymes - 1/2 capsules per day (now foods) 
  • R-lipoic acid - 300mg/day (life extension capsules) 
  • Selenium - 200mcg/day (life extension vegge caps) 
  • Upgraded glutathione - maybe only once a week now 


3. Excersise 


I have taken a real turn here, and I still find it weird to get used to. I used to train 5 days a week - usually between 2-3 hrs per day in Judo/mma/weights with almost 0 recovery, just light cardio on the weekends. By friday night I would feed completely ruined, and get major carb and food cravings because my body was freaking out. I usually felt mentally good however due to the sense of achievement. 


Due to work and increase in recovery sessions it looks something like: 


  • Judo (1.5 hrs) - 3 times per week (mix of technique and HIIT type stuff) 
  • Recovery gym sessions (stretching/mobility excersise/foam rolker) - 3/4 times per week (around 30 mins) (supple leapord based) 
  • Weights - just some dead lifts and light weights maybe 15 mins X 3 times per week 
  • Balance excersise - 4X/week around 30 mins (stuff from functional movement person I see once a month) 


I feel like i am losing a lot of strength and cardio by cutting down and not supplementing the judo classes which makes me a little sad. I am going to stick with the current program for now because I really want to loosen myself up and get some good balance happening - I think it is a good investment for improving my technique in the long run and injury prevention.  



4. Mental performance: 


I have a lot to work on here. I think I have made some decent progress so far - I am attacking things on a couple of fronts: 


1. Stress - Started meditating for around 30 mins X 2-3 times per week 


2. Depression/anxiety - As I was diagnosed 4 years ago with depression, the australian government has kindly given me 10 subsidised appointments with a psychologist - I went to one who practises EEG neurofeedback. I have been for 2 sessions so far. Not much to report but I think it may take some time to kick in. Unfortunately I don't think I can really afford the sessions without the reimbursement so after 10 I think I have to wait 1 year. I think it is quite fortunate however that I even get this opportunity to see someone 10 times. This option was not around 4 years ago and I think it will help a lot of people in this country who could not previously afford to see someone to help with their psychological problems. 


3. Sports performance - implementing strategies from Inner Game of Tennis Book, listening to sports performance hypnosis sessions, currently reading "instant confidence" - paul mckenna


5. Health issues


Stomach problems - have had diarrhea regularly for much of my life - This is why the l-glutamine, probiotics, r-lipoic acid, digest gold and super enzymes are on the supplements list. I think they are helping out - I have been charting my stomach/poop habits on an excel file in my phone and have about 1.5 months worth of data from before and after the gut supplements - I will chart it soon and see what it looks like. I feel better but still for some reason get some annoying diarrhea around once a week (usually on the weekend...still trying to debug the meaning...I have stayed pretty BP on some weekends and still get it). I tried to find some dragons blood as ron swanson suggested but having trouble getting some in AUS. 


Vitamin D deficiency - Will go to a doc soon and get some new blood results to see if this has cleared up with supplements


Liver disfunction - I had a blood test around 7 months ago and they said there was something wrong with my liver function but that is all they said and I didn't look at the results because at the time I didn't know much about anything to do with health so it has been pretty hard to debug that - will ask for more testing in latest set of bloodwork. 


Weight - has always been an issue for me - a couple of years ago i was at 63 which I was happy with but to do that I had to eat almost nothing (2 very small meals a day). I was constantly hungry and it sucked balls. Then after breaking my foot and going crazy at uni for a year of intense study I went up to like 85 - 90kg. I lost around 8-9 kg through changing diet to low carb/high protein/calorie counting/heaps of excersise after I left uni but it was very hard work and the effort/gains ratio didn't seem to match up quite right. 


After starting the diet I lost around 4kg but then it has plateaued (at 78kg at the moment). I am thinking about rapid fat loss protocal to try and lose some more fat. I think there are definately some hormonal components to this (i have been stressed and highly strung for most of my life, also taking progesterone only pill.) I just bought the hormone cure so I am pretty pumped up to read it and implement some hacks. 



6. Future modification plans: 


  • After this round of reading/implementing has been done i'd like to get an emwave (maybe around christmas) and start implementing that
  • definately want to get back to the n-back game (i played it intensly for a couple of weeks but then really fell off the wagon with this one) 
  • a lot of the laser stuff interests me - i work in optics so it is not hard for me to get lasers of the right wavelength spectrum and power for a reasonable price. Just really need to read more into all of this and look at the science. 
  • the ARP POV electrical muscle stimulation podcase really peaked my interest but there doesn't seem to be many people in australia doing this stuff - want to investigate more. 
  • any of the stuff you guys suggest! I have already taken a bunch of stuff on board from many people on the forum and i'm excited about all the changes going down! 


7. Summary of improvements to date: 


1. 4kg down - no counting calories (in fact i'm sure it must be way more than before), lowered excersise frequency. Sugar and carb cravings decreased dramatically.  

2. No cramps on my feet (I used to get heeeeeeeeaps of cramps at training..maybe 1 in the last month) 

3. Stomach improving 

4. Much more energy (no need for 3pm redbull anymore) 

5. Off my depression medication

6. Stress/bad self-talk slowly decreasing (lots of work to do though!) 

7. Balance improvements - closing the balance asymmetry of my body, increasing activation of glutes and other body parts that have been sitting idle while my quads compensate for everything. 


woo! :D 












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    The above post gave me some inspiration to chart my poop activities: 
    1. Poop "solidness" (diarrhea measure) plotted with how BP the diet was that I was eating for the 12 hrs previous  - http://sdrv.ms/17anfK4

    2. Acidity levels - http://sdrv.ms/10SivYH
    3. Tummy grumbles - http://sdrv.ms/13GrmAs
  • Wow - it has been a long time since I wrote something here. I got very busy trying to fit in hacks and still have so many more to do!


    1. Diet


    I have reduced alcohol even more and I would say maybe I have 1-2 drinks every 2-3 weeks and if i do have a drink I try to stick to good ol' G+T's.


    Food looks something like:


    Breakfast; BP coffee

    Lunch: "sexual" ice cream (i really with that was the official name)

    dinner: Meat and vegetables of some sort - sweet potatoes or white rice if workouts have been getting cray cray.


    I cut out a pre-workout snack which makes me a little more hungry but i am pretty used to it now. Just have a bit more at lunch. Also have cut out all other snacks.


    2. Supplements


    Changed the supplement regime a little.


    • Vit C - 1000mg/day (blackmores (generic aussie brand that i had left over from past purchase) 
    • Vit K - 1000mcg K1, 1000mcg K2 - MK4, 200mcg K2 - MK7 /day (life exxtension softgels) 
    • VIT D - 10000IU per day (jarrow softgels) 
    • Magnesium Malate - 625mg/day (source naturals capsules)
    • L-glutamine - 8000mg/day (now foods capsules)
    • Zinc-L-carnosine - 1 tablet per day
    • Jarro - dophilus EPS - 4 per day
    • Curcumin - 1 per day
    • Glutathione - 1 "squirt" per day (sounds so wrong!!!)

    3. Excersise


    I have been able to do a lot more judo training now which is awesome - but still getting a little tired by the end of the week.


    Something along the lines of 5X1.5 hr sessions judo + 2X1hr extra weights/fighting + 2X1hr recovery/balance/weights at the gym + 15mins stretching after each judo session


    i'm sure i need to do more recovery stuff...just gotta find the time!! Going to revise four hr body and supple leapoard to make recovery and strength training faster.


    I didn't know where to put this, but I also started cold showers in the morning (4hr body tip for fat reduction) and boy are they awesome! I haven't recorded enough data for fat loss (and showers are probably not long enough to be effective [around 3 mins at the moment]), but what an awesome way to wake up and feel good in the morning! i was so surprised at the positive mental affect!!!


    4. Mental performance


    • Bought an inner health balance for the iPAD. I actually use my ipad now! Things are going pretty well - I try to do it at lunch time at least 3 days a week for 15 mins or so. I should probably ramp it up a bit, but thought i would just aim to get the habit first.


    • finished EEG neurofeedback sessions - I think they definately helped but it is very hard to quantify.


    • working on confidence building excersises. I think they are having a positive impact but it is definately not an immediate change - something that needs to be consistently and regularly worked on.
    • I think my sports performance attitude has improved a lot from all of these excersises. Although I still get frustrated I think i have a lot more clarity and ability to focus on improvement instead of worrying about failures.
    • Started working on n-back again - got up to 6 back and now taking a short break.

    5. health issues


    I'm feeling much better on all fronts. The only problem I have had was in the last few weeks and I think that was an actual stomach flu.


    Something that I have been very lax on and need to rectify is quantification via blood tests. I think its probably too late for this year but definately want to work on this early in the new year.


    Weight is still something I want to work on. I lost another 3kg, so sitting at around 75kg, but want to make it to 70kg soon (for sports purposes [and health of course!]). I am trying to think of the best way to go about this.


    6. future improvements


    • down to 70kg in a speedy yet healthy manner
    • continue to work on stress/anxiety/confidence
    • consolidating heatlhy diet habits
    • become a little smarter with training and recovery
    • quantify health!
    • learn russian
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