Wife Always Hungry.. What Are We Doing Wrong?

My wife and I started trying out the bulletproof diet a few months ago, and once I got over the initial TOO MUCH MCT OIL OH GOD phase (she didn't have the same problem), things seemed to be going alright. But this past week she confessed to me that she is hungry almost all the time, even after eating a satisfying meal, and has been for a while. It's getting to the point that she feels sick like she hasn't eaten all day literally right after a meal and I'm getting worried! I've tried scouring the internet for a solution, and yet nothing seems to make sense (other than a doctor's visit that could have potentially horrible news along with a high pricetag as we don't have insurance right now and have very little income). She eats slowly, not quickly, so slowing down isn't the problem, and the amount of water she drinks doesn't seem to change anything at all, either, so that's not it.. I'm doing fine (I'm female as well, I just don't typically identify as such), and have actually been less hungry, though I'll be honest, the eight hours of energy and satiation I keep hearing about in terms of the BP coffee is falling a bit short (more like half that), and I'm not really sure what's up with that, either.


We're both eating the same things, only grass fed beef, wild caught salmon and tuna, grass fed butter and coconut oil (from the organic grocer, cold pressed, we're trying to save money and it's cheaper there than to buy it from the website here) in our morning coffee (organic fair trade breakfast blend also from the organic grocer). We have two eggs a piece almost every day, and usually some organic grapes and almond butter, and occasionally apples. We do have some vodka maybe once a week, and not much, and drink grass fed milk about as rarely (because she absolutely refuses to live without milk so I had to come to a compromise somewhere).


My weight has stabilized at 118 (I'm 5'4") and hers is still dropping very slowly (5'7" and 123 at last weigh in), and though we don't exercise currently we do take vitamin D3 supplements each morning (5000 IU) and a serving of powdered greens mixed with organic probiotic juice (GAK it's tough to swallow) every other day.


So the rundown is that I've looked everywhere, and I figure if any single group of people can help identify what's going on and help us fix it, it would be the people here. This is the first time we've done anything like this diet, both of us coming out of a high stress, junk food routine of convenience in a military setting. Suggestions?


  • Forgot to mention the spinach we have daily!


    We get up between seven and eight every morning and wind down for bed around eleven at night, coffee first thing in the morning, full meal at around two to three in the afternoon, smaller meal around six thirty to seven. We currently use a half stick of butter between the two of us for coffee, but we were thinking of upping it some or just giving her more coffee than me since we blend it all together and then split it.


    I apologize for the lack of clarity, I'm definitely new to this kind of thing. Her oldest sister and her husband introduced us to this diet and we're using their methods/measurements/etc as a building block for our own as well as referencing this site.

  • Seems like the only way we can get each other to eat avocado is if we make a tasty all organic guacamole, but I'm definitely not against trying that if it'll help!

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    My wife and I played around with the leptin reset diet, and her biggest reaction was that her hunger went way down, to the point that eating became a chore!


    Try having 50g of protein within 30 minutes of getting up. Then lunch, and dinner. No snacking. You can still have BPC for breakfast, just have the protein too. For me, it was about 8 jumbo eggs (I drank them raw), but its up to you how you make up the 50g. Use any BP foods you feel like.

  • For me, as a female ;-) I find if I'm IF'ing every morning every few days I'll be super hungry by night time... If I ignore that I'll be super hungry the next day and so on... So I would suggest a meal in the AM... Sometimes I need to eat BEFORE I have my BPC as it's so filling I'm not hungry afterwards. I find grass feed beef patties and some spinach cooked in butter or coconut oil easy they down. There is also the kale smoothie option (search the blog for recipe).

    Eating low carb I also need a fair bit off fat... I cook with ghee or coconut oil and some days I'll add extra olive oil in things.

    Is there any reason why you guys aren't doing more variety with vegetables?

    Also look into the refeed days (I just posted info on it if you search refeed, also has a great link to the BP blog post on it). She might benefit from 1-2 a week if she does ok with rice and sweet potato.

    I swear I eat more than my boyfriend... And if her older sister has been on it awhile already your wife may simply just need more food... Everyone is different and everyone adapts to a low carb diet differently.
    Hacking my digestive system - aka getting to the root cause of chronic unwellness - blog: http://bighealthventures.blogspot.com.au
  • Hacking my digestive system - aka getting to the root cause of chronic unwellness - blog: http://bighealthventures.blogspot.com.au
  • Stevo, that method sounds fascinating to try, but with the way our finances are right now I think we'd have to wait for a more stable income situation to try it. I will definitely keep that in mind, and might try adding a few eggs to her morning routine anyway!


    Kris, my goodness, I had no idea about any of that! We've been having so few carbs, and my wife mentioned that she's a lot more satisfied when we DO have a meal with white rice (which isn't very often), so that very well could be having an impact! That sounds like something that could have a relatively rapid effect, so I'll definitely give that a shot for myself, too (I've been feeling more lethargic and my sleep isn't as good, too, I just chalked that up to daily stress since I was so used to sleeping poorly in the military). There's just so much information on this site it's so much to take in and find the right articles, so I'm really thankful for the help! I'll be sure to update this with the results!

  • Ah experience is a wonderful thing ain't it? ;-) I recently did about a month on pretty much no carbs except low fodmaps vegetables and crashed, hard. That link to the blog post on safe starches was an eye opener for me too... And makes a lot of sense. Us chickees have different needs to you guys!

    Add more veggies in too, they will help with fullness. spinach doesn't do much aside from add some green to your plate. Also, despite what Popeye has lead us to believe, not the most nutritious of vegetables!

    I'm not sure how bulletproof it is but I've started playing around with a GAPS smoothie (GAPS is a diet for gut health), http://gapsaustralia.com.au/gaps-milkshake-smoothie/ mine looks like:

    500ml Mixed fresh pressed vege juice (a mix of either organic carrots, beets, cucumber, lettuce, kale, ginger...)

    2 egg yolks

    1-2 Tbsp of coconut oil blend and enjoy before or after BPC

    If I was ok with dairy I'd chuck in some bulletproof protein powder: http://www.bulletproofexec.com/upgraded-whey/

    Just keep playing around and find what works :-)

    Oh, also, I hear this is incredible! "Get some" ice cream:

    Hacking my digestive system - aka getting to the root cause of chronic unwellness - blog: http://bighealthventures.blogspot.com.au
  • All of this food talk is making me hungry.


    I clearly haven't eaten enough today.... and I ate more than usual.

    Mmmm.... BPC and breakfast in the morning....


    I love the information here. It is definitely pushing me TO eat more (I think I've been under eating, since I've been feeling kinda tired'ish and unmotivated...)... wonderful info!

  • "This is the first time we've done anything like this diet, both of us coming out of a high stress, junk food routine of convenience in a military setting"


    I think a common mistake when switching to this type of diet is people innately feel the less they eat the better the results will be.  When you say she still feels hungry after a satisfying meal, that sounds to me like she still feels hungry after a meal that she thinks should be satisfying to her. 


    Bottom line is as counter intuitive as it may feel if someone is hungry they should eat more, as long as its the right kind of foods, even if weight loss is the ultimate goal.  (disclaimer: this is usually the case, there are of course exceptions)

  • It might take a few months to completely adjust to BP,  but you should see enough health improvement to keep going.  Your wife's weight for 5'7" is great, so she should just focus on eating for health not weight loss.  Constant hunger is also a sign of possible parasite infection.  Aloe Ferox is a good all round remedy for parasites if she has a range of other symptoms to indicate the need for this treatment. 

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    Our biggest issue with getting a variety of vegetables stems mainly from a tight budget, and trickles down into having little storage space for extra ingredients (living in a shared household with people that fill their fridge with sodas and leftovers has its downsides, even when we have a mini-fridge to ourselves). We're definitely seeing a lot of health improvement aside from the abovementioned issues, which is definitely noticeable when we're away from home in a place where we only have access to non-organic, gluten laden food (my god it's astounding how awful it made us feel almost immediately).


    Out of curiosity, what other symptoms might I be looking for if this were a parasite infection? I don't even know what type of parasite it would be in that case, are there any common ones I could check into?


    Also, started yesterday evening with her eating a bit more, and it seems to be helping a little.

  • A tape worm can cause extreme hunger without weight gain.  Anemia, fungus infections, itchy nose or hind end, fatigue, restless sleep to name a few. 

  • Digestive upset - bloating, gas, not going, going too much... Rashes, fatigue, joint pain, night sweats and waking around 3am (that's when they're most active) If it's a concern look at getting a DNA stool test through Genova...

    I suspect, if there's no other symptoms, it's really just lack of quality calories. Food dairy it for a few days (lots of apps) and see how the macronutrients and calories look - then hack as needed ;-)
    Hacking my digestive system - aka getting to the root cause of chronic unwellness - blog: http://bighealthventures.blogspot.com.au
  • Why the grapes and apples?  Looks to me like way too many carbs, which is spiking her blood sugar and causing the hunger.  Refer back to the plan http://www.bulletproofexec.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/10/Bulletproof-Diet-Infographic.pdf and stick to the green side to see if she improves.  Eliminate the grapes and apples and switch to dark berries if fruit is a must.  Some people also have a similar addictive response to nuts and nut butters that they do to gluten if the nuts haven't been soaked.  

  • DR - basic but gives you an illustration of what this looks like and why:

    Hacking my digestive system - aka getting to the root cause of chronic unwellness - blog: http://bighealthventures.blogspot.com.au
  • I don't understand why you two are trying to lose weight. She is likely 7-10 lbs UNDER wieght at this point. IF that's the case she's hungry because her body is saying that she needs food. IS there supposed to be 2 where a 1 currently is in your OP? Because otherwise, you all are kinda lean at this point.

    The first question I would resolve is "What are goals here?" and second 'What is your general body fat percentage?"

    Sorry, but trying to get leaner, at this point, sounds like it could be fairly unhealthy. Granted, I dont know your specfic circumstances etc.

  • I apologize if my initial posting came across as us still trying to lose weight. We aren't trying to lose weight, only documenting the weight we do lose while eating this diet. It isn't about losing weight, though perhaps 'leaner' is an acceptable term. The end goal is to be fit and healthy, and the two of us have very little muscle definition (read: practically none) to increase our weight. Weight isn't what's important here to us, it's health. Also in addition to that, using a standard BMI calculator neither one of us are underweight (and even without it, I've been underweight before, so I definitely know the difference). Eating bulletproof isn't just for losing weight, right?


    On another note, I'm about 99% certain it's not a parasite infection, as the only symptom is hunger. We've been working on a carb refeed, which seems to be helping so far, plus adjusting portions a bit, and it's been helping, though she still has been hungry after only 2-3 hours after a large meal (even when we do carbs). The bulletproof coffee is still only lasting her two to four hours, and I'm starting to wonder if buying actual bulletproof coffee from the website might make that much of a difference. I've been really leaning toward thinking that it could be an issue with her leptin receptors, which makes me want to try out the leptin reset, we just don't have the ability to manage it right now. We also didn't get a chance to carb refeed until today (over a week since the last time) due to being iced in for five days, but I think that it's the best we have for now.

  • What is your meal frequency?  I'd suggest eating more BP foods more often, like every three hours.  My husband is 6'5" (170 lbs) and in order to keep his weight up, he eats more often.  Try to stick to more BP fruit and only eat them later in the day.  If weight isn't the issue I'd start eating a little earlier in the day.  Try finishing food by 8pm and eating breakfast at 8am.  Ditch the scales and focus on healing and healthy activity.  When you can afford it, add some BP whey protein to your regime.  Be assured that healing the metabolism will have various phases that might be a little uncomfortable, but things will improve.  Can you access raw dairy? 

  • I'll definitely look into the whey protein and other things from Upgraded Self once my income allows it. I think it's a lot easier to play around with portions and add more food when you're not running off of savings and unemployment, so that's been a big hurdle for us. I'd love being able to buy in bulk to save money, too, but we just don't have the storage space for that either right now.


    As for the question of hunger or thirst, I've thought a lot about this one, and even played around with it some. By her claim, she can tell the difference between the two, and says that when she drinks more water, she's actually hungrier. I still try to get her to drink at least 50oz of water per day. When it makes her feel nauseous to the point where she has to lie down, I tend to agree that it is more likely hunger.

  • Hah, you're probably heavier than we are, we're just going by the notion of drinking half your weight in ounces per day, and while we don't always get to that mark (my wife is terrible at it, I have to keep reminding her because she really hates drinking water for some reason), we should be getting about 60oz per day according to that methodology. We also don't currently exercise or do strenuous physical activity, but drink more water when we do. We are very rarely thirsty with that amount, though.

  • I'm on the other end of the spectrum with water.  I do drink more since starting BP diet.  You should drink enough to cause the need to urinate at least once every three hours.  Anything more than that is messing with your electrolytes.  If you're peeing clear, you've had enough water for the day.

  • We're pretty good about keeping up with the water and getting close to that point each day. Definitely not peeing dark, that's for sure. Also, about raw dairy, which I forgot to answer earlier, we tend to every so often get a half gallon of grass fed organic whole milk, some organic yogurt (also with whole milk), and some organic goat feta, and obviously the grass fed butter for our coffee. All but the butter are consumed in small amounts on a 'treat' sort of basis, mainly because we love cheese and the wife loves milk, and yogurt is sometimes almost like a dessert food. That's really the best product we have access to.

  • Sometimes you have to be willing to change things up to find improvement.  For instance remove the cheese and yogurt, replace it with some good BP choices and see if that change brings about more satiation.  Do it for a week and see if it makes a difference.  Try more eggs, olives and avocado for example.  Do some salt water in the morning to tone down cravings for cheese.  This advice is coming from someone who had serious food addictions for years.  BPing has fixed all of that for me within just a matter of months.  I dealt with the "always hungry" thing but am cured of it now. 

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