Hydroponic Vegetables

I'm going to build some hydroponic gardens in our rental house. Does anyone have concerns with hydroponically-grown food? Everything I've learned says it is more healthy than what I can buy in the grocery store.


  • I've been wondering about this too.  I heard Dave say in one of his podcasts that hydroponically grown food looks good, but doesn't act like food when we eat it, but I haven't been able to find any more info.  I'm specifically interested in aeroponics, where you have a large fish tank.  The fish tank water is pumped into the hydro beds that have food growing in it.  The plants filter the water for the fish, and get their fertilizer from the fish waste.  So you get fresh fish, and fresh veggies and it can all be organic.  I'm going to do some more research, and post back here if I find any more info.

  • I've been growing some lettuce and it seems just fine in terms flavor, so it must have some nutrition, right?


    This unit is in  my office. I have another at home that we are trying to grow tomatoes in. We will see if they are just as flavorless as the store variety. :)



  • Looks good Mackay!  I  always though hydro veggies would be just as good for you as you provide a complete fertilizer to them, so any nutrients the plants need are available to them, they should be nutritious.  But Dave made that comment, now I'm not sure.  I want to learn more, but the way Dave and crew lays things out, I find it difficult to learn from them.  

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