Do portable adrenal stress test devices exist?

I know people with blood sugar regulation issues such as Diabetics use Glucometers to measure blood glucose levels. I think Dr. Art Devany and Jimmy Moore are well known for doing this. For example Jimmy would check his blood glucose levels 30 mins after a meal and then 2 hours to see how his body responded to various macro nutrients.

Such Just in time or contextual monitoring/bio feedback gives valuable information that can be used to make short term decisions eg if blood sugar is high don't eat the chocolate cake! If low first thing in the morning eat and good breakfast with protein, saturated fats and tolerable levels of carbs. Of course people respond differently to carbs so using an inexpensive glucometer can be used to get a longer term profile.

So, I was thinking same principles for blood sugar regulation could apply for stress management/regulation. If there were an inexpensive portable device that tested cortisol/dhea levels in saliva we could..

1) Work out our unique stressors, some people are sensitive to noise, some people may produce too much cortisol if they do chronic cardio

2) Implement anti stress techniques such as meditation at the time it is actually needed.

3) Help the many people suffering from adrenal issues including myself. For example despite being low carb paleo for last 18 months my morning cortisol is three times what it should be - should I have honey before bed, increase carbs, get more sleep etc. I am thinking that just like they say weight loss is 80% nutrition, managing stress related conditions just through nutrition and no lifestyle changes is like pouring water through a seive.

cortisol production is triggered by external events but part of complicated hormonal interplay. See

Its actually a whole new paradigm for stress management/bio hacking if you think about it


  • I am assuming you listened to Podcast #5? They currently have a Saliva test for testing fatigue (I am assuming adrenal fatigue/stress) But it's a mail in type thing right now. Although in the interview they mentioned that they are working on a kit where you can get your results at home. Similar in concept to a pregnancy test.
    Sean Buck
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  • With regards to your 3rd point. I agree that you need to look at the whole lifestyle, not just nutrition. Personally, I think cortisol levels and adrenal fatigue have more to do with your training and external stressors than diet. When I was training for a Crossfit competition my coach programmed a lot of long easy walks or easy rowing which confused me at first. He made sure I focused on rest/recovery/meditation/getting sun/etc... He wanted to keep my cortisol levels low so I didn't overtrain during the high intensity sessions.
    Sean Buck
    "You don't have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great."
  • Hey Paleo Paul:

    This is some good advise I can give that will normalize your cortisol levels:

    1- Be happy in general (smile a lot even if sad)


    3- Break the diet once or twice a week

    4- Have sex

    5- Meditate

    **6-Forget about portable adrenal stress devices

    As you said, unique stressors are unique, which means they are subjective. That cannot be measured with a device. Anti-stres techniques are also subjective. Adrenal stress is also subjective..... (it's not a real disease, but an attributable cause of "illness")

    Measuring your DHEA/cortisol is insignificant. Will not help you be less stressed. Will make you more stressed and you probably don't have the medical expertise to reach to a conclusion on what that would give you as "data".

    Sorry for being a little rough here,

    Hope you get the message: that you just need to have fun and be happy

    And forget about cortisol and leptin

    PS: If you have moon facies, buffalo hump, massive fat gains, weird ugly fatty belly and hyperpigmentation, then measuring cortisol is relevant because that is actually a disease (cushing's).


    Clownfish :lol:
  • Hi Bucksw, thanks I had not listened to Podcast #5 but just read Transcript in 10th of time taken to listen so thanks to whoever does the transcript/links etc these are very useful.

    Hey ClownFish thanks for your pragmatic Don't worry, be happy advice and my wife thanks you for #4 :) ;)
  • tchazzardtchazzard The Human Optimization Project
    I ran one of those saliva tests recently and was pegged at borderline Stage III adrenal fatigue. My Cortisol levels were low for all four measurements throughout the day and the sum was a mere 21.4 nM/L. Most of my other hormones are in the tank, yet somehow I still am able to enjoy life to the fullest including participating in endurance running events (the source of the fatigue no doubt). Go figure.
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