Cutting back on Fat

I know the BP diet is very conducive to eating high fat low carb, however obviously for athletic performance people need to dial up their carbs. I've found I have to do this quite a bit. Is it best to keep the fat fairly low at times when I need to fill up on a lot of carbs in order to not have the high insulin shuttle all the fat I eat into storage? Being an endurance mountain bike racer I really need to stay as light but strong as possible.


  • so at times when i am going higher carb should I cut back that fat from 'normal' intake
  • Hey max, very good questions.

    Our bodies are smart enough to relocate stuff where is needed first, before storing them as fat. No matter if you keep the bulletproof diet at the moment, as long as your body needs to relocate the carbs for glycogen repair, it will do that and not fat deposition. This should happen even if high fat dieting.

    The problem with the carbs comes when they have no purpose, and are consumed in excess. Insulin would get them to fat and would not burn fat for fuel.

    But mountain bike is one of those cool hobbies that takes a lot of glycogen. I bet youll be safe to consume the carbs you find you need. It would always be wise to measure carbs just for reference to see how much you need to refuel.

    The best sources seem to be starchy veggies in my opinion.

    Hope I helped here

    Clownfish 8-)
  • in measuring, what's a good way to know how much to refuel? if I do 2500kj on my bike for example that's roughly 2500 calories on top of a normal 2000 calorie diet. how much more carbs then?
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