What´s Your Take On Dhea And Pregnenolone?

I don´t see that much discussion about DHEA and/or pregnenolone... What´s your take on them, with regard to anti-aging?



  • I too would like to know more about DHEA and biohacking age.

  • I am currently taking both - I find that I need to cycle off the dhea at least every 2 weeks, It loses its punch, and if I wait to long, then i have a "down energy" day or 2 or 3, which is okay by me, because when I take it - it works great...I am learning to have better balance with it...


    Pregnenolone is more subtle, but seems to have a positive effect also..i am still trying to evaluate

  • keep us updated as to pregnenolone .    My health food store cant keep it on the shelf .  I am thinking about taking it. 


  • I do feel good when Im on the pregnenolone, that is so far true.

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