Saturated Fat/bp Diet Has Delayed Or Stopped Menopause?

When I went to see my NP for the first time in mid-May 2013, I had not had a period since early January.  She recommended a 24 hour urine hormone test, which I took, and I clearly wasn't making much progesterone and estrogen at that time (menopause levels).  My mother went through menopause at age 41 (I was, and am, 45 years old), so menopause seemed like a very reasonable conclusion.  I had never had a cessation of my menstrual cycles before -- I had been very regular since I was 12 and really only started having slightly irregular periods in 2011-2012.

I started bio-identical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) about the same time I started transitioning to a BP diet, in early July. The hormones didn't seem to work with my body chemistry -- I gained almost 10 lbs in 3 months -- and went off BHRT in early October.  I went off the hormones cold turkey and had a "fake" menstrual period when I stopped BHRT.  My body doesn't clear estrogen very well.

Amazingly, I had a "real" period in November (not a hormone-induced period), then another in December and now in January. Three regular cyles, 27 days apart.  I guess I'm blown away.  I would have expected a random period, but not for my cycles to start over again.


What kicked my ovaries back into action?


BTW, I ate a very low calorie diet for quite a few years.  My theory is my body finally had the building blocks again to make various hormones.  The right fats and cholesterol.




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    omgoodness Mary!!!

    Congratulations... awesome results for you!


    I had not seen this post and just sent you a somewhat related PM... *wow*   :eek:

    (posting some of it here in case it benefits others):


    I have been on Bioidentical hormones for several years after starting perimenopause in my early 30's.


    I started BP at the same time that I took a one month break from my bio-hormones.

    I thought the amazing fat loss was due only to BP but lately I began to think that perhaps it was due to my stopping the hormones as I have been slowly gaining weight again (hence my PM to you). 


    Like you, I have "weak" adrenals and periods now since May (8 months!). I am utterly amazed and hopeful after reading about your results Mary! 

    PLEASE, if you have any words of wisdom in regards of the "how to" for the BP diet, please do share. I am eating only BP foods in the green to light green, but do not have a solid idea on amounts or use of rice/sweet potatoes (as I know for women this is recommended more often).


    Do you to IMF?

    Do you eat rice and/or sweet potatoes daily?

    Do you count calories?

    How much fat do you take in daily?


    Thank you in advance,


  • I second all this Mariah and Marielle... except I haven't had a period for over 12 years.... I'm hoping to hear your insight on eating and exercise (I know Mariah has struggled with over exercise to) to get back on track.... I want kids.... and only have a few more years...32.....

  • I don't know if I have a whole lot of amazing insight or wisdom.  I will say that our bodies need certain building blocks such as cholesterol and fats to carry out their basic functions, and at some point, on a low fat or low calorie diet or even the "SAD" diet, we run out of our reserves.  

    Like most of the women on this forum, I struggle with finding the right construct of the diet.  Carbs or no carbs.  Ketosis, IF, and/or refeeds?  My theory still stands that my ovaries bounced back because I put on 10 pounds and at the same time gave my body the right building blocks.  That wasn't my goal when I started; I simply liked the science behind the BP diet and I was looking for a "clean" eating plan, given that I had learned of some food sensitivities I had.  Truly, I'm still shocked that I've had three periods in a row.  BTW, Lana Asprey restored her fertility the exact same way -- she gained a few pounds and at the same time gave herself the building blocks to make hormones.  She had a different problem -- PCOS -- but maybe it was just a different manifestation of similar nutritional deficiencies.  I think women in America are experiencing unprecedented levels of PCOS, POF (premature ovarian failure), PMS, and other reproductive system issues because of the nutritionally-deficient processed, lowfat diets that are typically consumed.  And thyroid issues, as well.  Just my layman's opinion.


    A couple of other things...I eat a lot of seafood and LOVE fish.  I think I'm going to send Dr. Jack Kruse a "love letter" for recommending that we eat oysters.  Too many people either dislike seafood or forget to eat it and think that beef is the only meat.  

    Another thing to look into is your folate levels.  If you don't know if you have a MTHFR mutation (translates into possible difficulty converting folate into an active/usable version), you might want to start supplementing with a low dose, like 400 mcg, of methyl-folate.  Folate is used to make neurotransmitters and in the repair of DNA/RNA.  The medical establishment usually doesn't test for folate unless the individual is pregnant.  Avoid folic acid, and avoid supplements and foods containing folic acid.


    Last, I'm really getting into the notion of ancestral foods.  Bone broth, organ meat, stuff that used to go to the dog's bowl, if we even saw it :)  Maybe we've all been missing out all along by trying or expecting to eat the most pretty, pristine looking food.  I'm learning that a lot of the foods that we on this forum are trying out for the first time were things that my grandmother's family ate routinely.  

    Jason, I'm glad to hear your girlfriend is healthy!



  • Meg and Mariah, let's keep sharing information (Jason, does your girlfriend participate on this forum?).  I'm going to spend some time reading Jack Kruse's blog and see what I can glean.  His blogs seem to contain a wealth of information on hormones, adrenals, leptin, and more.


  • Mary if you can glean anything for Jack Kruse's blogs I would love to hear it.... I am pretty smart... 3.98 GPA from DePaul University and I have tried MULTIPLE times to understand his blogs even the "NON-GEEK" parts and it's so confusing!

  • Mary if you can glean anything for Jack Kruse's blogs I would love to hear it.... I am pretty smart... 3.98 GPA from DePaul University and I have tried MULTIPLE times to understand his blogs even the "NON-GEEK" parts and it's so confusing!



    His blogs are VOLUMINOUS.  I'm going to attempt the "Energy and Epigenetics 7" which supposedly has information about women/hormones.  The one Kruse made reference to on his recent BP Podcast.  I hear you -- don't ask about my undergrad GPA, but my MBA GPA (Univ of WA) was similar to yours...but mostly because I have a very broad skillset and picked my teams well.  Let's see if I can get through the blog before my mild ADD gets the best of me :)


  • Not as of yet.


    Sorry, my bad, Jason.  It seems that she is very fit, but fitness and good health are not necessarily interchangeable.  My mother's two oldest sisters both had cervical cancer -- not a nice condition (and the perception is that cervical cancer is rare these days because pap smears should catch it).  I wish your girlfriend continued healing :)


  • I think Jack also lives in a "bubble" world where he thinks everyone has the money, resources and time to do all the "perfect" things he describes in his blogs.... and ironically.... he doesn't look very "healthy"

  • I think Jack also lives in a "bubble" world where he thinks everyone has the money, resources and time to do all the "perfect" things he describes in his blogs.... and ironically.... he doesn't look very "healthy"



    I agree -- Kruse is a bit of an elitist and his wordy writing style makes it hard to digest the material (I like executive summaries and bullet-points!), or maybe it's more that you have to weed through several paragraphs of BS to get to the important part.  But here is a nugget that you might find compelling, especially toward gaining weight and making your body ready for pregnancy.  It addresses why women need fat stores and what they do for the fetus.  I thought of you and your desire for children.  This came from his blog "Energy and Epigenetics I".  

    "The human placenta is under the control of two major hormones.  Those two hormones are progesterone and leptin.  Progesterone is pro-gestation.  Leptin powers the energy to the placenta in pregnancy.  The goal of the human placenta is simple.  Its job is to steal the DHA, iodine, and Vitamin D stores in the pregnant women’s buttocks and hips where it is stored and it transfers it slowly over the 9 months to the infants forming neural circuits.  This action depeletes the woman’s stores as time elapses.  If she starts of the journey depleted, the child’s brain will pay that toll in diminished neurologic function. A woman’s normal hip to waist ratio is ideally at 0.7.  This too is controlled by optimal levels of DHA and the brain specific nutrients in her body.  Her natural curves are present as an evolutionary signal to males that she is a good candidate for mating because she has the correct amount of brain specific nutrients to make an optimal human brain.  This is how evolution helps us select mates ideally using epigenetics.  The hip to waist ratio in women is a key symbol to males that DHA is present in abundance, while inflammation is low, and her hormones are optimal to support gestation and successful reproduction of a progeny.  Modern life, culture and socialization has destroyed many of these ancient evolutionary signals in our species.  Women who are infertile usually are leptin resistant and do not have the correct hip to waist ratio because they are either lacking DHA or have too much omega 6 fat in their bodies to support placental function.  In many of my educational consults, I explain to people that the goal of the human placenta in the mother is to “spin” the brain specific nutrients into her child’s head from her body, just like it is her own gut’s job to spin the brain specific nutrients in her diet into her own head."



  • Mary, I have read this hip to waist ratio theory since I was 19 and told I had endometriosis and possible PCOS and the classic "infertile" body.

    Huge breasts-thus large ribs to small hips and buttocks - not a classic hourglass figure :oops:


    I supplement with DHA now but who knows if I have to much omega 6? So many tests, so much $$..yes Megs, I agree, it is a "bubble world" for many people... we have to do what we can to be healthy and wise in all our choices.


    Yes Jason. Agreed. The voices in our head are due to all kinds of baggage, good thing is that we are here, hoping for wellness and wholeness.


    Mary, first thing I did when I ended my 3 years as a raw vegan was embrace our ancestral ways. Liver, heart, tongue, bone broth in the winter, fresh fruits in summer only etc.


    Please do continue to share what you are doing.


    New for me? I am splitting my Vitamin D3(10,000 IU daily) it into two dosages. I am also adding Rhodiola to my daily supplements. TRYING hard as hell to take Dave's upgraded Glutathione. May have to encapsulate it because it is the nastiest thing ever. yuck. gag. :mad:


    I am currently on the lowest dose of bioidentical progesterone, Biest and Testosterone.

    Testosterone is new in my regimen (10 days in only) thankfully no ill effects, in fact, libido is up and almost to what it was in my late 20's (strong as a guy's :mrgreen: )!

  • Hi Mariah,

    I think you are on the right track. It takes us years to break our bodies so I guess the fixes don't happen overnight. I think anytime you can replace Omega 6's with saturated or monounsaturated fat, you'll be better off from a hormonal and inflammation standpoint.

    I like Rhodiola -- that's one of my favorite supplements. I also am taking Phosphatidylserine, to hopefully get my cortisol rhythms back to normal.

    I'm glad someone else is embracing "nose to tail" eating. You probably saw my post on beef heart, and it really wasn't all that bad! Now I have to figure out how to make liver tasty. :)



  • Liver...omg....what a nightmare as we hate the stuff. There was a suggestion of cutting it up so fine and putting it into ice cube holders and freezing it. Taking it out a block at a time and adding it into your food daily. Not tried that yet....but looordy loooordy and they said you wouldn`t be able to taste it.


    Anyway getting back on topic the diet has definitely halted or reversed to a degree the hormonal status in the menopause.  

    During the course of the year the regularity has come back.

  • NickNat- very cool, I do hope my hormones will be healed too.


    I used to hate LOVE it. My trick is moistness and not overcooking (salivating at the thought of it. Think I may have to make some tonight!)



    sautee garlic (I know, not bp) in butter

    add thinly sliced liver "steaks"

    cook on low adding white wine to keep it moist

    add celtic sea salt

    add kale/other vegetable to suck up the flavors

    add more butter

    toss all together


    (less BP: begin by sautéing onions to golden, then adding garlic etc..)


  • I hope I can "master" liver! I have more in the freezer and need to give it another whirl.

    Mariah, you are at least giving yourself the right nutrition. I will be really surprised if your ovaries don't bounce back at some point :)


  • Me too Mary!


    I am eating all BP foods, so healthy eating-though I sometimes eat too many of Dave's cupcakes, so weight loss is not yet happening :???: but it is health first!

    I am almost finished with this month's cycle of bio-id progesterone, but found out I have a dental issue to deal with so I may postpone 'going off' the bio-identicals for a few months. Springtime will be better for experimentation, plus, I am taking Dave's Glutathione for detox now, so don't want too much "experimentation" going on at the same time. Feeling sorta lousy now :oops: hopefully detox not hormonal.....

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