Meditation Hacking?



  • For experimental purposes, taking nootropics / mind-altering compounds during meditation might be cool / useful. As a long-term practice, it is not really beneficial. Consider the main point / purpose of meditation and then see whether adding a compound to make it easier is actually a good idea (it's not). You can create physical changes in the brain with meditation, but use a drug and you aren't seeing the advantages in most cases.

  • I have found a great Zen meditation course on Zencast:

    It is not only an audio course, you can also sign up to work with a meditation teacher who will get on Skype for 30minutes a week to follow your progress.

    In the buddhist tradition, it is free and you can make donations as you wish.

    I have written about my experience with the course on my blog:


    I use the app Lift:

    to log when I meditate. It helps me to make meditation an habit.

    It is free as well


    I try to just sit still without using props but sometimes I am not in the mood and I use two apps to start my meditation practice:

    Headspace (free)

    Omvana who has a library of audio meditation. Some or free, some are not


    I have started to practice mindful eating as well recently. Does anybody do it ? Do you recommend some specific exercises or readings ?


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