Cycling Off Bpc Necessary?

So I have drank BPC every morning for breakfast since about June 27th.  One thing I have never heard anyone mention is is it a good idea to give it a break?  In the past I have noticed that after drinking coffee daily for about a week would start causing heart burn.  I just noticed this start to happen ( heart burn comes at night btw ) with BPC a few days again.  It took about 3 months instead of 7 days... Dave's Beans are definitely better in every way, even in this heartburn regard.  


I am 99.9% sure that it's the coffee as in the past it's the one change I have made to alleviate any trace of heart burn.  My diet has also remained the same during this time, only getting more BP as time went on.  It's not the worst heart burn, but enough to be annoying at night so I chew on 3 or 4 of these and hit the rack.  I dont mind this but if taking a few days... even a week off can offer me another 2-3 months of no heart burn sans tums I will do it. 


So anyone else have a similar situation that can offer some pointers?




  • Never heard of this before. There are so many factors for heartburn, I'd keep a food journal and test removing various parts of my diet if I were you, maybe look at the combinations, too? Certain foods together may be harder for you to digest? 

  • yeah i think dave has recommended breaks from it? regardless, i think its especially good to take breaks from caffeine. i don't know if daily caffeine reliance is really the best thing for a human body/brain. 

  • I've been on BPC for almost a year straight. The only "breaks" I took were when I'd stay at someone else's house. Collectively, I think I've had about 5-6 days off in about 11 months.

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  • Guess it's time to do some experimenting. =D

  • Dave mentioned having one day off a week I think on one of the podcasts. You really should listen to all of them and not rely on an idiot like me to try and remember ;-)


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  • Whenever I start feeling pressure in my temples, I take a couple days of coffee entirely.  Not that it matters for anything besides my own piece of mind, but I like being able to put aside caffeine for a couple of days if I feel I need to.

  • i experienced a similiar acidic feeling after id been on the coffee virtually 7 days a week for about 2 months, ive cut down to 3/4 days out of the week now and havent had the heartburn feeling

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