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I have experienced nausea due to tremendous acidity and low energy while exercising after drinking BP coffee. 


I have been drinking BP coffee for a long time and enjoy it, particularly on days when I am not working out because two 400 calorie servings can hold me until the late afternoon or dinner. 


My impression is that the best thing pre workout is pure carbs, e.g., sweet potato. post workout shoot be a mix of all three macro nutrients. 


What are you guys eating before workouts and do you have experience working out on BP coffee alone? 


I'm concerned that if I eat BP coffee and add carbs to that I will no longer be in a fasted state and maybe even be gaining weight. Also, if I begin my day with a carb breakfast, I will also no longer be in a fasted state.


Any experience with this? 


*What are your pre and post-workout meals?*





  • ideally i wait a couple hours after drinking BPC before training. and i have some BCAA's right before training, then lunch after that, which is a badass smoothie most of the time. 

  • I work out first thing in the morning, fasted. Then I shower, and then drink BP coffee (my version, with 1 TBS MCT oil and 1 TBS grassfed ghee, + stevia and upgraded vanilla), and I have a small protein meal. And then I leave for work.


  • I don't think a fasted workout is smart if you are really going for it. Even going from sub-50 to sub 100 carbs a day has made a radical difference in my overall energy and actually, my mood as well. 


    I'm not afraid of carbs anymore, particularly when they come in the form of buttered sweet potatoes. 

  • I don't think a fasted workout is smart if you are really going for it. Even going from sub-50 to sub 100 carbs a day has made a radical difference in my overall energy and actually, my mood as well.

    I'm not afraid of carbs anymore, particularly when they come in the form of buttered sweet potatoes.

    It probably depends on who you are (age, gender, etc) and your goals. For me fasted is preferable. If I was a skinny 20 year old with a youthful metabolism, I doubt I would work out fasted.


  • The combination of preworkout carbs + BPC made me sick too.


    Now I eat protein, leafy greens and BPC before the workout. Then carbs and protein after the workout.


    I don't ever workout on an empty stomach.

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    I worked out this morning after having a cup of BPC (1.5 tbsp brain octane 2tbsp kerrygold) then BCAA & creatine. What can really hinder my workout is if I don't drink enough water before I have BPC. Obviously hydration is huge but my body feels like it needs water even more if I'm going to be having coffee. Working out fasted in the morning works fine for me if I had a good dinner with carbs. I Think I finally reached full ketosis this morning, during the workout when I began to sweat it was a completely new and strange odor, indescribable. Almost like it was someone else's sweat, definitely not a smell I have experienced before. Anyone experienced this??

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    I tend to follow the carb backloading approach and eat carbs the night before my workouts. I have a few eggs and butter, and a cup of BPC first thing in the morning. I usually finish eating at 6, finish my coffee a little before 6:30, and start warming up for my workout a little after 7. During my workout I have casein hydrolysate and dextrose. I have some whey about 30-60 minutes after I train, then have another cup of BPC before lunch. I haven't had any issues with this sort of set up. I've also done alright with just BCAAs during the workout, but noticed better performance with what I do now. I do notice that I'm a bit lightheaded if I don't backload the night before a workout, so I'd recommend backloading the night before if you're going to train in the morning

  • then carbs later the same night as the workout too?

  • then carbs later the same night as the workout too?

    Nope. Just the nights before morning workouts. I train M, T, Th, F. So I eat carbs the nights of Su, M, W, Th.

  • No carbs for me 100% keto diet.

    Usually BP coffee (sometimes with a small scoop of collagen) in the morning then later a workout. (Strength lifting - minamilist, intensity approach).

    Sometimes 10g BCAA's pre or post workout.

    Later about and hour or so a protein/ fat based lighter meal or perhaps with some Upgraded whey and or collagen mixed with Spirulina.

    Been trying Ketoforce lately 1 hour before workout. Sometimes with BP or just black coffee.

    Been liking the results.

    Later a regular keto meal or wait until last meal for a keto meal with good fats and some MCT or coconut at times.

    Cold showers (CT) in the AM and cold shower post workout.

    Just the way I have been rolling it lately for my n=1

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    I have a question in regards to working out and BP and more precisely Rock Climbing or any Explosive movement (Crossfit) where you need energy/endurance for a long period of time.

    My Body does so much better low carb/no carb (weightloss, inflammation, sleep, acid reflux) but when it comes to explosive energy and need for endurance I need carbs I can not figure out a balance


    I need an idea or thoughts on what I should do to increase endurance and explosive strength without so many carb loads



    quick bio;

    6'5" 285lbs 33% Body Fat very endomorphic look at carbs and I gain weight

    I have done RFLP BP and does wonders but the second I touch a grain I balloon up

  • ive found i feel very acidic if i have bp coffee too close to training, ive lately changed to a smoothie with rice milk, oats, banana, honey, blueberries, chia seeds and octane oil,  and am finding i feel much better during training and have felt really sharp mentally..

    Ive previously tried a smoothie recipe i got from rich roll, with broccli, asparagus spinach, blue berries and rice milk, i performed good with that as well. Have yet to try it with octane oil though

  • got a question what does BCAA stand for?

  • I'm also worried about this, haven't started the bulletproof diet yet just planning how I will do it.

    I think instead of having the Bulletproof Coffee before my workout instead i'll start with a big glass of water possibly a small amount of himalayan sea salt, and then down a green smoothie with all bulletproof veggies, and then take some pre workout drink (T+ from onnit) and hopefully my stomach can handle that, i'll also backload on carbs from dinner the night before.

    Then when I get home from my workout have a fruit smoothie with protein powder and then after that finally take my BP coffee so I get that mental focus and then take the rest of my supplements. Eat lunch around 2pm or 3pm probably a chili made with bulletproof ingredients (grass fed beef etc.) and then finally dinner around 8pm load up on the carbs (sweet potatos or yams) and a bunch of raw or steamed veggies. That sounds like it will be my plan, let me know what you think of it and I will let you know how it goes :-P

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    BCAAs= Branched Chain Amino Acids.


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