Any Info On Blending Butter And Oxidation Of The Fat/cholesterol?

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My first post here, i've been pondering this for a bit, but haven't found anything on it online.

My biology and chemistry knowledge is quite limited, so bear with me ;)



Is there any danger that blending the butter on high speed oxidizes the fat and the cholesterol?

To my understanding cholesterol is only dangerous when it's damaged.


We know that homogenization ruins fat, and thats done by spinning the milk super fast so that the fats break down into smaller molecules making them not so healthy for us since they can't be rcognized by the body.


How is blending any different?


All thoughts and especially scientific knowledge most welome :)



  • yeah i'm interested in this too...and what about folks who blend their butter/mct into their coffee or soup then put it in a thermos for a few hours?

  • Thanks for you answer Jason.


    I wasn't really thinking about the temperature of the drink, more the spinning and cutting of the blades of a powerful blender, can that oxidize fat?

  • When I blend, I do it for ~20 seconds, and not at the highest speed. My blender has 2 waves of speeds (high and low), and I usually do a high 3 (out of 8'ish), on its 'blend' setting. 


    Keep it short and sweet. No need to blend it for 1 or 2 minutes. That's overkill and excessive.

  • does the length of time effect anything though? like 3 or 4 hours of being hot as opposed to being consumed right away?

  • I would think Dave would have said something if blending at high speeds is an issue. Use the contact form in the blog and then report back to us please.
  • I've tried with the coffee hot and cold, with cold the effects of nausea are much more pronounced.

  • I have been wondering the same thing. Also, why blend the butter? Why not just let it melt on top of the coffee, and give it a stir? 

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    ^ The consistency difference is night and day between blending and stirring.


    I wouldn't want to drink stirred BPC.... blerg



    By the way, Drum... unless the heat was going back up once stored... it really shouldn't make a difference for storing it 'hot'... but as Jason says... unknown.

  • One reason why I like to eat butter like cheese. Don't need to worry about these problems ;)

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    So, it is just for taste reasons that you put the butter in the blender?

    Yeah, there is a slight difference in taste and mouth feel. But if blending is oxidizing the fat, is it not degrading the health properties?


    ^ The consistency difference is night and day between blending and stirring.


    I wouldn't want to drink stirred BPC.... blerg



    I only found this site a few days ago, and am going through the forums trying to figure out what you do. My first order of Bulletproof coffee hasn't arrived yet, so I an experimenting with the coffee I have.

  • Quindora - You're blending it for 20 seconds. Then it goes in mouth.

    So the blending timeframe is very brief, and shouldn't cause oxidation issues (I feel Dave would've long posted about oxidation issues, had they come up as a concern). And besides, the oxidation heat point for butter is 325F. The coffee we're making is ~200F. :) 


    It's for taste, and the fact that by stirring it, the butter and MCT oil aren't evenly spread throughout the coffee, so the consistency is weird. Blending it makes it nice and smooth and creamy. Mmm BPC... 


    Deeper - I do that sometimes as well, but I still greatly enjoy BPC.

  • Blending butter creates butryic acid. You aren't going to oxidize butter by blending it unless you blend it for a very long time in a blendtec...even then not likely.
  • thanks for all the asnwers guys, puts my mind at ease :)

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    Interesting stuff. Though, as a guy who drinks his BPC out of a thermos almost daily, I'm still a bit curious. I wonder if Dave has anything to say about this; about whether keeping your coffee in a thermos for 4 or 5 hours is going to damage the fats.

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