Hello my fellow biohackers,

First of all I must say, that I love the bulletproof lifestyle and I try to get a little more bulletproof every day. Thanks to Dave for conducting all this experiments and research and putting together this awesome collection of hacks! You guys totally rock!

I hope I can pick all of your brains on a problem I am currently struggling with: Do you have any recommendations regarding halitosis (aka bad breath)?. I have no idea, when exactly this began, but definitely before I started on my "bulletproof journey", so I would conclude, that it has nothing to do with it. But I do notice, that my breath tends to get better, after I ate something (no matter what).

Do you guys have any ideas for biohacks I could experiment with? Besides, I am also consulting my dentist, ENT physician and family doctor but I would like to know, whether you have some recommendations or ideas, from the biohacker perspective.

Thanks a lot in advance.



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    Hey Pile:

    Yes there might be a solution.

    Halitosis can be the result of overwhelming bacteria in your mouth, undigested food in youg GI tract and as dave mentioned in one of the podcasts, TOXINS in your body. Maybe your body is moving out so much toxins that you are getting overwhelmed.

    Second, it could also be the result of ketosis. Ketones have a "fruity" like smell, very distinctive and you could confuse it easily with bad breath if never had them before.


    1- Calcium-D-Glutarate: This works man, try it out at about 1g daily. It helps the liver manage toxins better. Dave made a very cool post about it.

    2- Ocassional Activated charcoal

    3- Mouth washing with peroxide daily

    4- Chewing gum made with xilitol, Brand: B-Amazing Effective fresh Breath gum ( www.bfreshgum.com ). This one is sold at most Viitamin Shoppe stores and tastes pretty good. Xilitol confuses oral bacteria into eating it and they starve and die because they can't digest it.

    5-Good quality digestive enzyme supplement (Now foods seems pretty good).

    Now I'm not dave, but those things do work and are very inexpensive.

    Good luck man,


    Clownfish :cool:

  • A company called Living Libations makes a couple oral care products that might help you. They contain things like Rose Otto and Neem that actually kill nasty bacteria in your mouth. From personal experience I can tell you that they make your mouth feel great, but I can't be sure they would address the cause of your problem. Good luck!

  • Just because i didn't see it at a glance.

    As well as what the others have said. Also use a toothbrush that has one of those tongue scrubbers on it. Most of bacteria in your mouth that cause your typical bad breath is on your tongue, not your teeth.
  • First of all, thank you very much for all your ideas and recommendations so far. If anyone has any more ideas, suggestions or ressources, please keep em coming.

    I will start my experiments in a few weeks, after I'm done with my exams, so I have more time to really go deep on each recommendation. I will definitely keep you updated on my progress.

    Thanks again!

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