Has anyone not had any success?

I had 2 weeks where all I ate was bp coffee for breakfast, an Americano with heavy cream for lunch, and a pound + of fatty grass-fed beef cooked in coconut oil with a pound of vegetables and Himalayan sea salt. Add some sugar-less pork sausage, chicken livers, salmon, eggs, and several sweet potatoes throughout the whole thing. On top of supplementation of Vitamin D, N Acetyl cysteine, magnesium, and B vitamins. I even stopped eating chocolate and cheeses, which were my #1 and #2 vices.

Exercise included heavy lifting 2x/week, and cross-fit style masochism 2x/week. Plus one zumba class 1x/week. Sleep averaged about 7-8 hours every day. Lots of exposure to the computer due to desk job and gaming.

What needs to be fixed? I don't know why I gained weight during these 2 weeks. My hunch is that I need more carbs, but would like a second opinion :)


  • Oh yeah I also forgot to mention that I am plagued with cravings nearly every night (not for carbs...don't know what it is) and have tried eating another pound of meat, a quarter pound of butter,bp chai with quarter pound of butter and a third pound of raw Mac nuts from whole foods. I find the Mac nuts the most satisfying by far
  • Interesting point.

    I do not have cravings, but I feel a drop in energy after about one month of pretty much the same diet as you (sans the nuts). The first week was plagued by nausea due to the massive fat intake, but then I felt really good in week 2-4 of the BP diet, so I am not sure this is an adaption period now.

    Any input welcome!
  • Hey Sakura:

    I bet you gained muscle mass in your weight gain :). Try to get a fat monitor (I use omron fat monitor) to check your progress while dieting and exercising ($40 at best buy, cheaper online).

    Here is what I did to lose 8 pounds in 8 days.

    To lose weight fast at about a pound per day, I setted a protein goal constant [ex. a pound of beef per day, no more than that, or maybe less... (one day had 12 oz). ] and lowered carbs to just green side carbs of dave's diet. I Supplemented 2-3 times per day with BCAAs (branched chain aminoacids) to minimize muscle loss (5g per dose). Fats eated freely no problem, but preference for MCT/Coconut oils. I Do not supplemented with whey protein because is not needed.

    I had smaller portions of starchy carbs with dinner but always measured them. For example I used 1/3 yellow plantains sometimes for dinner for extra sweetness. If I trained that day (10 mins max), then post workout I had my biggest meal and had little bit more of starchy veggies but still low. Theres an eating window post-workout where carbs don't matter, but it's best to eat them in moderation. Still, I was best not exercising to lose weight, but with exercise lost body fat faster.

    Best veggies: Brocolli, asparagus, bok choi, tomatoes (red side but no negative effect) and AVOCADOS!!. Limit carrots, and starchy veggies.

    Also I fasted everyday, somedays with bp coffee (with mct oils/coconut, butter and cocoa butter), and others just black coffee and then in the afternoon (at about 12m-1pm) I ate. Best to go without any fats if working out....

    Results: Lost .5% body fat, lost 8 pounds, very little if any exercise. But was a bit tricky.

    In summary: Although it looks calorie restricted, it is not. It's carb restricted and then protein controlled. Protein and carbs both stimulate weight gain.... each by themselves and each together more powerfull, so watch that.

    After I lost those 8 pounds I stopped (upped my protein a little, carb a little, plus had a cheat day) because I wish more to work in body recomposition rather than losing weight. Here experimenting so can't give too much insight.

    Again, is what I did and worked for me. Just wanted to share the experience.

    Hope it helps


    Clownfish 8-)
  • BrianHKerrBrianHKerr Quantified Biohacker
    I would also bet it would be higher muscle mass for sure, or possibly meat collecting in your colon... but either way, if you are exercising that much... seriously add yams or something.
  • Definitely not additional muscle mass. Clothes are now tight, and I made not even close to PRs at the gym since end of December due to lack of glycogen.
  • Hey Sakura:

    Don't get discouraged. You'll be succesfull. It's just a little tricky to know what our bodies need to get where we want them to go. Try controlling protein and low carb for two days to see how it goes.

    I'm solving glycogen depletion with the following:

    1- **IMPORTANT** BCAAs pre (10g) and post workout (10g) and before bed (5-10g) every day until I finish my experimental masochism extreme cardio-weight training protocol. It seems to speed my recovery from exercise by a lot.

    2- Dextrose (D-glucose)- AWESOME POST-WORKOUT, just the best thing to recover from glycogen depletion that I have used. Also I use it before bed. The dose for me is 2-3tsp some days post-workout and then before bed.

    3-Avocados-->awesome to aid recovery.

    4- every morning I take 1.2g N-Acetyl-L-Tyrosine (source naturals).

    5-Calcium-D-Glucarate 1g every morning

    6- 6.9 g L-Glycine before bed and then again if needed at about 5am to re-sleep (carlson labs).

    7-Alpha-stim ECS before bed and at 5am.

    8-Kre-Alkalyn creatine

    In the past I was feeling lethargic in the afternoons post-workout but since using those I've been normal and compliant with my tedious regime. Using those I have needed less carbs from starches and stuff. But I eat sweet potatoes sometimes at DINNER, as well as chayote or yellow plantain pieces.

    Hope it helps

    Cheers and good luck

    Clownfish 8-)
  • Hi Sakura, my suggestion would be this - don't focus on the scale. There are SO many factors that can make your weight increase. Do this instead. Take a picture of yourself, keep a written record of everything you eat and time of day if possible (do this for 2 weeks) and then take another picture of yourself at the end of the 2 weeks. If you don't see an improvement in the way you look, take a look at what you're eating and try some adjustments. Sounds like you're working out a lot too. The body needs rest to recover. I would lift heavy weights 2-3 days per week and that's it.

  • I was very muscular to begin with so I doubt all of it is muscle. None of my clothes fit very well, so I know there is definitely some added body fat. I am starting to feel like you have to buy into all the supplements in order to optimize fat loss and health using the methods on this blog. Unfortunately I dont have that much money to dip into.
  • I don't believe you need supplements, don't buy into this! Most likely something is wrong with your diet, as this is the most important "supplement" you will take.

    I noticed that when I add a little carbohydrates now and then, perhaps a cup of white rice once or twice per week, I feel much better than with only veggies, fat and meat. Maybe it's worth a try.

    In general, to be extreme is probably not a good idea in the first place. What works for one person may be wrong for another. Just my 2 cents...
  • Yep Frank doesn't probably exercise daily. I know you will say is not necessary for you, but it might be FUN for some people. That's where supplementing the right stuff pays off and minimizes having to measure foods to see what might work..which in the end takes a lot of time and can become futile.

    Remember that being bulletproof is not just about eating healthier, is also about BIOHACKING our bodies to increase performance. Supplements, when taken strategically, will do just that. And Dextrose/BCAAs are priceless for enhancing performance and biohacking.

    But yea, not everybody would need to supplement. I shouldn't even have shared that wall breaker that has gotten me to loose 2% body fat quicker than ever (11 days) while eating like crazy. But I did because I like to share stuff that I try and works and that not many people comment about in other forums.

    Cheers 8-)

  • Correct, I hardly exercise (if the occasional round of golf even counts).

  • I think this has to be viewed like a business... A lot of people complain that their business doesn't work, but somehow the other guy in the same business is very successful... So be honest, is it you not working the business? In other words, are there cheats in there? I notice that I will lose fat consistently, but slowly when I stick with this style of eating, but if I have any wheat at all (like bread crumbs... Even if it is cooked in coconut oil, or butter) I will gain fat quickly, along with a lot of water weight. Same goes for me with fruit... I can tolerate a few berries, but more than 1 banana in a day, and I stop losing weight. I have also noticed weight stalls or gains, but better fit to clothing.

    As for exercise, maybe you need to sleep more? I have also noticed more success when I get sun... Maybe the desk job is preventing that (plus most places don't offer the opportunity to sun bathe at noon). I know u don't like supplements , but find a good vitamin d/k2 ...especially if you don't get regular noon sun. With all the healthy fats you are eatingthis would be the best bang/buck with tons of benefits, from immunity and better sleep to skin and teeth.
  • 'sakura' wrote:

    I was very muscular to begin with so I doubt all of it is muscle. None of my clothes fit very well, so I know there is definitely some added body fat. I am starting to feel like you have to buy into all the supplements in order to optimize fat loss and health using the methods on this blog. Unfortunately I dont have that much money to dip into.

    Hey sakura,

    I'm going to give you some advice that is a little more rules-y than the Bulletproof Diet, based on my work with Kiefer.

    It sounds to me like your macronutrient timing needs to get cleaned up a bit if you -- you personally -- are going to experience the fat loss you want. Many people do see fat loss simply by cleaning up their diets, but many people, especially women (according to what I've seen) need a bit more structure.

    The short and sweet of my advice is this: only eat carbs after resistance training. Any other time of day, the insulin release from carbs turns on lipolysis, which is the opposite of what you want to happen while you're trying to lose body fat.

    So then it's just a question of how many grams of carbs to eat after training. The way to figure that out is to fast from carbs for at least 7 days, taking your body weight before and after the fast. (This is just another way of saying, eat only fat and protein and fiber for a week.) You'll lose a lot of water weight (and maybe a little bit of fat) by going into ketogenesis -- and you'll know exactly how much of your weight was water weight.

    Do your training on the day that you plan to have your first carb meal, and then eat a nice big meal of high-carb foods. Sweet potatoes work pretty well. This is also a good opportunity to "cheat" if there's any high-glycemic food you've been craving while you've been doing the Bulletproof Diet.

    The next day, check how you feel. If you feel pretty bloated, then you know you ate a bit too much carbohydrate the previous evening. If you feel "normal", then you *could* dial back the carbs a little, but you're getting close. And if you feel "tight", then you're totally in the zone to build nothing but lean muscle -- and to burn lots of fat.

    This is a system Kiefer developed and that I've been following for the past 6 months.

    (Full disclosure: this system comes in the form of a purchasable book, which I will not link to here.)

    My purpose in posting here, though, is simply to let people know that there's a better way than just stabbing around in the dark wondering if maybe they're not getting enough vitamin D. Fat loss using ultra-healthy foods really can be engineered.
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