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 Hello all again ,,, its tough to search for specific answers and guidance ,,so any insight into this would be appreciated . 


SLEEP ,   yes always had a problem with ,, but do to BP changes and hacking,, things are definitely different .


So ,,  certain nights , I only sleep for 3-4 hours then wake up .  I choose to go back to sleep after staying up for 20-50min because it doesnt seem right to only sleep this long .    Now here's the catch.. I started wearing blue blockers early into the night.. anything i do, computer, tv , phone, or cooking and tasks are all with ridiculous amber glasses on.. about 4-5 hours before bed ..  the earlier i put them on the less sleep i need--(so it seems )  .   I also added raw honey right before bed .  There are regular night time supps i take as well, but those make me sleep deeper and longer .


so 3 times total in the past week, since I started wearing blue blockers, I sleep 4 hours then wake up and I am awake with no grogginess .


Last night I wore glasses 4 hours . after I got home from the GYm ,  ( which is another factor why i think my body needs more rest  ). 

Well 3.45 hours and bam,,, awake before sun rise .. I stayed up for on hour , then layed in bed for 25 min before falling asleep,. 

I do recall rem sleep during this 4 hours.  which I never had before wearing BluBckrs. ( getting a zeo soon )


Should I stop wearing these things ??

 Is it ok to go back to sleep to rest my body or should I stay up ??

  If I stay up , will I crash a few hours later ?? 

What about honey,,  is that screwing me up ?  

Maybe its the BP diet,, no more grains or wheat factor playing into to it .  (except white rice, sweet potato)

thnx guys for your time in advance 



  • In short .... 


    Can wearing blue blockers at night create shorter time intervals of sleep ? 

  • Exercise too late in the day could also be causing sleep disturbance.  Drinking water too late also can also disrupt things.  Also, sometimes people become so focused on why they are not sleeping that it actually becomes part of the problem.  Most nights I sleep from 11pm to 7 am solid but occasionally I go through a phase of waking up too early.  I usually increase my carbs slightly at supper and that helps.  Steve Fowke's interview with Dave had some good insights in to the circadian rhythm of your pH and how being a bit more alkaline in the evening induces better quality sleep. 

  • I don't think the honey is messing with your sleep.  Waking up to pee could be a sign your blood sugar is low so honey can help anchor this.  Try some sea salt with your honey before bed and keep your water consumption to only a sip here and there after supper.  Drinking enough water during the day but at the same time don't over do it.  Over hydration can also cause imbalance and can actually dehydrate you.  Simple changes can have a huge impact on sleep quality. 

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