Glutathione Measurable Effects?

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I just ordered some Glutathione Force (you're welcome, Dave) and wondered if anyone knows if there are any noticeable effects that can be seen on blood tests? Like liver tests or WBC count, etc?


I've searched Google but this isn't something that's discussed at all.





  • I noticed one marker in my right eye.  There was a nasty blood vessel protruding from the base of my eye, straight up along side the outside of my iris.  As my healing has taken place I've noticed that it is much finer in appearance.  When I started using Glutathione this really sped it's disappearance substantially.  The blood vessel is way finer and has dispersed sideways which is a sign of healing.  Glutathione rocks!!!

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    Wow, that is awesome!

  • I can't speak to blood tests, but I was mildly drunk having dinner with wife when we got a call that we had to get home immediately to deal with a situation with our kids.  I sucked down a whole 5ml syringe and by the time I'd walked to my car I was entirely sober and drove home like I hadn't drank at all that night.  

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    Double Wow! 


    That gives me an idea of a test you could do with a breathalyser or if you had access to an alcohol blood tester. Hmmmm, interesting and very cool!

  • Smashing glutathione and vit C seems to help a lot when you are sick. Especially if you are fighting chronic infection like sinus infection.

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    How much do you think would smash it? Funnily enough I have a sinus infection this week and I'm not noticing anything with 1ml of glutathione.

  • Is Glutathione what Dave took to recover from mold?

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