My Wife Now Has Her Doctor Wanting To See Me!

My wife was at her thyroid specialist today and she discussed her issues with my recent blood test. He had her schedule an emergency visit with me to discuss my health. I'm going to the appointment to argue my case but I just do not want to be thrown on statins.


My recent test results are as follows:


Trig: 106 mg/dL

Protein Total: 7.2/dL

Globulin: 2.4/dL

Potassium: 4.5 mmol/L

Creat: 1.20 mg/dL

CO2: 27 mmol?L

Choleserol: 309 mg/dL

Chol/HDL Ratio: 5.6

Gluc,Fasting: 78 mg/dL

LDL: 233 mg/dL

HDL: 55 mg/dL


There were some other items on the report but these were the main highlighted items.

I'm drinking bulletproof coffee religiously every day, cut out all processed and fast foods,use only butter to cook with, no margerine, eat lots of eggs, fish, fish oil pills, etc.


I'm not an expert at all on the bulletproof lifestyle but I do know for a fact that I do not want to be on a statin drug and I'm absolutely scared that my wife, her doctor, and who knows who else, will want me to start taking a statin.


Any advice on how I should handle this? I'm scrambling for support!




  • Yikes! Wish I had advice. I'm looking for answers as well but I just want to know what good BP ranges are because my husband is getting lvls checked and I don't want him talked into anything either!

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    Ask for homocysteine and LPPLA2 tests as well.
  • Why are you going to your wife's thyroid specialist about your cholesterol?

  • 100% agree just say no to the statins!


    Elevated cholesterol can be a sign of thyroid disfunction. What's your TSH? If it's over 2 it's too high ideally it should be about 1 (and definitely under 1.5). Ask for an Hba1c test while your at it as well.


    I had a total cholesterol of 7 mmol/l 18 months ago. No dietary changes - I still love my bpc but I've done a detox (bentonite/diatomaceous earth, ProAlive Active detox probiotic and Infrared sauna's) and it's now dropped to 5.3 with everything in ideal ranges and ratios. Elevated cholesterol can also be caused by mercury and other toxic metals in the body.  

  • Why are you going to your wife's thyroid specialist about your cholesterol?

    I assumed that question would be raised. I attended a few of my wife's appointments with her and had some good conversations with him regarding my wife's condition. When he asked how I was doing at her appointment yesterday, she proceeded to tell him about my high total cholesterol level and the fact that I'm not taking any measures to lower it. He insisted that we meet to discuss. I see his point being that he's a most likely under the conventional wisdom that I need to be regulated by statins. I plan on doing as much homework between now and next week as I can and go in with a list of points and questions. My plan is not to just be thrown on a statin but appeasing my spouse, doctors, etc. are very nerve wracking!

  • OMG! I wish you could video the conversation so we could watch!

  • Heya,

    My cholesterol was higher than yours. I was expecting the doc to tell me to go on statins... I even had many arguments against it, all ready to go.

    I went in asking to get retested in a few months. He said sure, I'm somewhat young. (35)

    He wrote the test for 4 months ahead.

    Easy. It was a little disappointing, I wanted a disagreement.

    I am taking less fish oil, based on Chris Kresser's write up.. How it can elevate LDL. I'm also increasing my iodine based off Paul Jaminet (PHD) & Jack Kruse talking about not having enough (competing with fluoride), also causing LDL not to clear. In a couple of months I'll know if anything has changed.
  • The tests are there.. The tests that show if your arteries have plaque, the tests that show if your cholesterol levels are actually affecting your ability to pump blood around your body.  


    The current way is an ease of getting your cholesterol numbers with a blood test.  It's akin to searching for lost money in a spot light just because its light there even tho you know you lost it somewhere up the road.. 


    We need our cholesterol high, we need our testosterone high, we need our brains and bodies to work really well... Statins put all this at risk.. 


    It's not the statins fault, it does its job wonderfully...Just give us the right tests! 

    Last year pre bulletproof diet my cholesterol was 3.5 mmol/l  = 135.34416 mg/dl I was told this is really good, well done me!!.. (no breakdown of LDL to HDL) yet I was feeling weak, overweight, tired in the afternoons I had issues with blood sugar, issues with mood, issues with a lot of stuff...  I found you awesome people and the bulletproof way and now my cholesterol has raised to at least (at last test) 5.6 mmol/l  = 216.55066 mg/dl (they still wont tell me breakdown) but my testosterone is a lot higher, I feel alive, I feel energised, I'm kicking ass at work, at music, at life.. My body has changed, I'm much more muscular, much leaner, my mind is cleaner, thoughts aren't tainted with tiredness, everything feels better... But the doc says, oh you better watch or you'll have to be put on statins... I dont get it.. Just give me the right tests...!


    Rant over! 

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    They cannot force you to take the statins. What are they doing to do, put you in a straightjacket and force feed it to you like in an asylum in the movies? Also, is it not illegal to discuss another patient, even if they are a family member? (May be not, I'm asking.)

    It doesn't get easier... It's you who gets better.


    Is your social worker in that horse?


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  • Ask the doc to give you a written Rx, say "thank you very much" and then don't fill it. The doc may be incentivized to follow various standard protocols. Let him get his incentive so he can stay in business and treat patients who need him like your wife.


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