First Month, Burn Cough Burp?!?

I'm on my first month of eating a pretty solid bulletproof diet. The first two weeks while I waited for my first delivery from upgraded, my coffee was coconut oil with grassfed butter and I loved it.  I added the high brain octane to my coffee, a couple of days later, I was also putting it in some food.


I was eating for lunch steamed kombucha squash and yams with butter and high brain octane oil. Out of no where I felt something in my throat and had to cough. Immediately my throat burned in a very uncomfortable way. It was kind of like acid stuck in my throat-- I drank apple cider vinegar and lemon in water and it helped it go away after a while.


Since then I've reduced the amount of high brain octane I'm using in my coffee and not really using it on food. But still getting this problem occasionally. So, I'm trying to figure this out.

I'm also wondering if I am eating too much meat (heard something about too much meat in podcast #62). Today when it happened I made a green salad with olive oil and apple cider vinegar. Kinda helped. Also ate some celery...


I just got it again after drinking my coffee this morning and about 2 hours after eating grassfed ground beef cooked slowly in water and coconut oil and two poached eggs from the farm down the way.


So, just wondering if anyone has had this experience or has ideas what to do.




  • John's son passed away, so I am posting in his place while he is away.


    You have SIBO.  Please follow this protocol to improve your gut health:


    1) Avoid FODMAPs for 30 days

    2) Take an antibacterial  (like peppermint oil) for 30 days

    3) Follow up with a quality probiotic 

    4) Buy John's book on for more details

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    Thanks Jason for your response. I've never heard of that before. I'm googleing and checking the site you recommended, lots of food to add to my already long list of "don't eat this" foods. Would be nice to find a positive food list :). I haven't had any problem with gas. I also used to get heartburn about ten years ago and this symptom doesn't feel at all like my experience of heartburn. Still I am open to experimenting and continuing down the path of knowledge for health benefit. So, thanks. Also, just an fyi, it's a bit odd to know how to read your first sentence when I'm new and don't know John. I was a little startled and alarmed. Maybe not the best way to start. I understand now John is the author of fixyourgut  and I send my blessings.


    Also, why would going bulletproof bring on/or make me aware of SIBO when I haven't experienced bad gas, bowel problems or heartburn in years?

  • I brought up John because he is our residential gut expert.  I usually do not answer these threads, but I did not want to leave you hanging.  Sorry for alarming you, but I just wanted to provide a full disclosure.


    The gastroesophageal reflux (burning and coughing) is brought about by an overgrowth of bacteria in your gut.  Instead of one giant belch, you get a steady stream of gas bubbles that push up stomach acid into your esophagus (throat area.)


    Sudden change in diet can trigger SIBO.  On the Bulletproof diet, your bowel transit time could have increased moving bacteria from colon to your small intestine.  Your bodymay not have been prepaired to digest all of the healthful fats, so a lot of the food is undigested.  This provides extra food for the bacteria which move up into the stomach and produce extra carbon dioxide.

  • Crazy, at first I didn't think this fit but since the post I'm noticing little burps. (power of suggestion :). Who knows. I think this is definitely worth looking into for me. While I have experienced a toned body since starting BPE lifestyle- I've achieved better aesthetic results (face is more clear) and the BP coffee has given me more sustained energy while I'm drinking it-- I have not received the benefits I have heard about from so many others of lasting mental clarity. I had a very exhausting day today for no reason (got sleep, had been eating and still have similar levels of anxiety that I had before starting.


    I'm going to get the peppermint for sure and do that. I did just go to the health food store (we are really lucky to have Mana here in Maui with grass fed local beef, and even wild boar and venison sometimes available)... but walking down the vegetable aisle with the list of FODMAPs in hand and Dave in my head (no kale, etc)... I was in a half-an-hour vortex of "I can't eat any of this!"


    Searching for a list of foods that fit BPE and are not on FODMAPs...


    Thanks again Jason for your advice and explanation. Aloha.

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