How To Reduce Estrone E1

Hi all,

I just had a bunch of hormones tested, most were good, but...

My ESTRONE E1(salivary test) was way high..35pg/ml(range 10-20!!)The doc suggested i use an estrogen clearance supp.

Any suggestions? CGD? DIM? Resveratrol?

My ZINC was also the low end of normal at 12.6umol/L(plasma blood) so I'm going to increase my zinc supp from 25mg to 50 to prevent aromatization some It might also help with some acne issues.

Probably monomethionine but I heard that citrate has proven anti aromatization properties.

BTW im a man, 39yo, have <10% body fat, exercise, eat bulletproof, eat crucifers, drink green tea.

Many thanks in advance!!



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