Aged Grass Fed Beef

I'm a newbie to all of this, really excited to get some time into this to see how I feel. I'm already off to a good start with grass fed butter, coffee, and MCT Oils.

So, buying grass fed beef is a bit of an investment that I'm willing start, where I hit a bit of a wall is when looking at local farms, they are aging the meat. The particular farm that's in driving distance has it aging for 28 days. When I listened to the Dave on the Joe Rogan podcast, the aging introduces a lot of toxins into the meats.

So my question is, is this no biggie for grass fed beef, or should the aging also be avoided for grass fed too? I don't want to enter into investing into the meat if I'm shooting myself in the foot because of the aging of the meat.

Thanks in advance for responses!


  • RodRod The Rodfather

    If your willing to invest, you should look at the recommended website. If you shop around online, you can see that some places age the meat differently, the shorter time the better but I wouldn't worry about it too much. If you can put a special order in, that would be ideal, so talk with some local farmers and see what they say.

    Here is the safest place to buy beef from per Dave. Alderspring Ranch

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  • Awesome, thanks for the response Rod!
  • Sorry to burst the bubble on this one, but here's what the Alderspring web site has to say about their beef:

    <<Dry-aged 14-21 days.

    Dry-aged beef is extremely rare, available only in the very best restaurants and from gourmet butcher shops. Why rare? Because dry-aging is very expensive. Why desired? Because dry-aging produces unparalleled flavor and tenderness.>>

    I emailed Bulletproof about this confusing fact, as I too heard Dave on the Rogan podcast talk about how this process was what he avoided...but here he is recommending a place that specializes in ONLY DRY AGED BEEF. No response from them, and it's been over a month...

    Strange, but I would imagine BP needs to decide if they care more about whether the beef is grass-fed and their concern stops there, or if dry-aging is enough of a concern for them to change their recommended farm...I'm still hoping for a reply.
  • I was ready to buy as well, and then I saw the dry aged thing and backed out. If you get some info, I'd be interested in knowing what they say.
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