Dried Fruit

Hi All,

What are your thoughts on naturally dried fruit?

Just looking to understand if dried cranberries (not sweetened) are considered higher than red?




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    I think it depends on their Glycemic Index.  I consider wild choke cherries one of the most valuable foods I have access to.  I pit them and make sun dried fruit leather every summer. 

  • Don't know about you, but in my experience, I can make a bag of dried blueberries disappear so I avoid them

  • I would say dried fruit in very limited quantities might be okay as a very infrequent treat, assuming you can find what you want without added sugar -- maybe dried apricots (dried apples?), since they rarely have added sweetener?  In any case, the sugar is very concentrated even in unsweetened dried fruit, so I can't see how they could be anything but orange or yellow at best.  Like Kristy stated, one can sure make dried fruit disappear quickly :)


  • I have definitely indulged in dried fruit from time to time as there is a giant section of it at work. When I do, I always go for the preservative-free prunes, or unsweetened/unsulfured dark cherries. In other words, if you feel the need, then go for the most pure version with the least additives/sweeteners and you will be fine.

  • My problem - I indulge. Best to leave alone. That being said, i have some apricots right now. Raisins are a no-no as are pretty much everything else.


    They're just too high in sugar, which I need for certain occasions (like post workout), but not my ideal.

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