Breastfeeding And Bpd

Hello everyone. I recently started the BPD and have noticed a decline in my milk production. I'm nursing my 8 m.o. twins, so a drop in supply is not good. I was wondering if there are any other mothers here experiencing the same? Should I try to add some grains back in my diet, like white rice? Or more fats?


Before starting Bpd, I would have coffee, but no more than one cup per day. I was also vegan before starting this so I don't know that would matter. I also experience frequent headaches, which may be detoxing...Here's what I normally eat:



4 eggs (sometimes 6) with about 1Tbsp butter

Bulletproof coffee with 2Tbsp butter and 1Tbsp coconut oil

sometimes 1/2 avocado


Mid-morning snack:

either handful of almonds or the other 1/2 of avocado



salad with either avocado or olive oil

veggies and a protein (both covered in butter)


Mid-day snack:

almond butter with celery



Protein and veggies (both covered in butter)

starch every couple of days


dark chocolate (90 or 88%)


  • Do you drink enough during the day? I noticed that I need to pay more attention to my fluid intake sinds I'm on a bulletproof diet.

    Don't drink coffee or tea (you can make bullet proof coffee with just hot water, still tastes great), and don't eat chocolate. Those things will cause dehydration.

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    Might be a lack of starch. Also, what's really annoying is womanhood's world-wide belief that restricting food is somehow a good idea.


    What guys find sexy is HEALTH. Food-restriction is not healthy! You can go keto when your babies are solid feeders. Then you can eat all you want and loose fat! Cus your eating it! It might be hard to believe, but its true! Its called a keto-genic diet! It means you can eat all you want, be full and loose fat. Its that simple.


    So lesson for today is that you can eat all you want! When your babies go solid, you can go keto, eat all you want and loose fat. Ask Dave.


    So seriously, Kay, stop these "mid-half way to the mailbox snacks" and eat all you want, wait with keto till your babies are solid and then keep eating all you want and watch the fat disappear. Then you're gonna want to build some muscle, which is also really easy, its about 15 minutes once per week, and your gonna be Jessica Biel. Seriously that chick has the best body, any guy that disagrees is scared. Jessica Biel muscles is super hot. ok peace

  • Kay, I agree. You need to add more starch. I am also a nursing mother of twins (13 months) and I find I do best in terms of milk supply and energy levels when I have at least one sweet potato a day. Other than that, my daily meals look quite similar to yours!
  • Drink water consistently throughout the day, 4oz every half hour is what the kidneys like the best.  If you drink too much at once, you can actually dehydrate yourself and imbalance your electrolytes.  Make sure to get enough sea salt as well. 

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    Thanks everyone for the advice. I'm pretty good with keeping up on my water intake. I also do not limit the amount of food I eat. I definitely agree that waiting until I'm done nursing to do any keto. I'm not trying to loose weight right now. I have recently cut grains from my diet for health reasons. But it looks like I'm starting to see an increase in milk production so hopefully it was just an adjustment period. I'm very sad hear about the dark chocolate though.
  • I'm currently nursing my 3 month old daughter.  Prior to that, I nursed my other boys for 3 years.  I agree with the other posts, lots of water, adequate caloric intake (don't go below 2,000), and proper electrolyte balance.  I add a tiny pinch of sea salt into each glass of water I drink.  Also, coconut oil can help with milk production and thyroid imbalance.  You may want to get a thyroid panel, if you haven't had one in a while, as pregnancy and nursing can cause issues with thyroid production.  I have played around with different ratios of fats, proteins and carbs too and I think it's important to not go too low carb while breastfeeding.  I have found that I need more fruits, veggies, and rice, sweet potatoes, etc. to keep my emotions, hormones and milk production in balance.  I never cut out coffee or chocolate though.  To me that's blasphemous!  I do minimize toxins as much as possible, so only organic, non gmo, pesticide free versions of those foods.

  • I'm very grateful I learned about GMO's a few years back and eliminated them entirely from our diet.  Some kids out there seem to not stand a chance due to poor choices their parents have made. 

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