Micronutrient Study - Give Me Your Thoughts

Hey guys, I'm doing an experiment right now to determine the amount of micronutrients that I am getting in my diet. I'd like to get your opinions on these.


My specs:


Male, 23, 5'11, 175-180 lbs. 13-15% BF

I sweat a LOT. Not just in physical activity, but just normally (as I have a bad case of hyperhidrosis)


I think these marks are optimal and I'll see where my diet falls on this spectrum after I'm done. Let me know if you think it would be beneficial to alter these and WHY. Please provide some type of evidence.


Vitamin D - 3-5000 IU

Omega 3 - 1750mg total; 600 DHA / 400 EPA

Folate - 800 micrograms

Potassium - 4-5000mg

Magnesium - 500mg

Choline - 600mg

Zinc - 15-20mg

Vitamin C - 500-750mg

Vitamin A - 1200 ug


Thanks guys!


  • ACH85ACH85 ✭✭

    To address what you wrote, the general rule of thumb for vitamin d is 1000iu per 25 pounds of body weight (source: Vitamin D Council, Dave, other sources.) I'd take 7000 if I were you. Vitamin A is tricky, because it comes as animal based retinol, and plant-based carotene forms. I don't know the exact numbers, but it's one of those things where your body is much better at directly using the retinol form - something like 20 times better. Since the nutrition facts on products don't make a distinction, targeting vitamin A in your diet isn't necessarily that helpful to determining what's going on with vitamin A in your body. I take cod liver oil capsules to ensure I get some retinol in my diet. I've read this about vitamin A elsewhere, but I first read about it in the Four Hour Body, in the chapter on the details of boosting testosterone - the T boost Tim describes only occurs when he gets vitamin A in the form of retinol.


    Also, I'm not sure what the goal of your experiment is, but you might target optimal levels, do some research via nutrition facts or online, and adjust your diet, and still not get those levels in your body. Top soil depletion and time of year affect the nutrient levels of everything you're eating. Gut health determines the how much of what you eat (or supplement) is absorbed. You might want to just get a micronutrient blood test and go from there. 


    Finally, there are many other micronutrients worth considering. I'd suggest adding at least selenium to your list if you don't supplement. 

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