If Broke With Sugar = Extreme Nausea

Hey people, I have a pretty basic understanding of ketosis and the bulletproof diet. But today I feel I must have done something wrong that left me feeling absolutely terrible. 


Today I started off my day with bulletproof coffee with 2 1/2 tbs of butter and 2 tbs MCT oil. I have been doing this for about two months. I usually have a couple of eggs cooked in ghee for breakfast, but today I was out of eggs so I skipped it. I was at the store and failed to resist some dark chocolate almonds that were calling to me. About five minutes after starting to eat the almonds, I felt like absolute crap. I felt on the verge of vomiting at it's worst, and generally sick and unmotivated the rest of the time.


To recap: woke up at 7, got coffee in me at 7:30 ish.

About 11 am I am eating the almonds.

11:05 to 12:30 I felt terrible. I ate a couple of eggs around 12:15 (could barely get them down I felt so nauseous but I felt like I needed something besides sugary chocolate almonds) and started to feel better. By 12:45 I felt back to normal and had lunch not long after. 


I feel like maybe I was in ketosis all morning and brought that to a crashing halt by eating the dark chocolate almonds. BTW I'm a 20 yr old female and I've heard that women generally don't do as well with intermittent fasting which is why I usually eat some protein in the morning. I was wondering what anyone with a deeper understanding of this might have to say. I get that breaking my intermittent fast with sugar is probably not a good thing but I just think understanding why it made me feel so bad would help a lot. 


On another note, I sometimes feel like crap (mostly just really tired) if I have a lot of carbs for lunch. Other times if I don't have any carbs I feel really crappy. It seems like it is a delicate balance. 


Feel free to spell things out for me, I am often overwhelmed by the vast amounts of knowledge I find on this site and hear on all the great podcasts out there. 


Didn't mean to write an essay, just wanted to give enough information for people to be able to give an opinion on what is happening here. 


  • I don't have anything to add other than you should always break your fast with whole foods, green veggies are king.


    Save the dark chocolate/other sweet stuff for night time where cravings are more likely to come in.

  • ZenfoodZenfood ɹǝqɯǝɯ pǝɔuɐʌp∀

    High GI carbs =  insulin raised very high. Every action has a reaction: sugar crash. You are sensitive to insulin.

    Always break your fast with a lot of protein. It's OK to eat sugary things after a long times fast if you combine them with insulinogenic foods (meat, fish, eggs, whey).

  • Good advice. Totally makes sense.


    Another thing that might play in is the possibility the almonds were moldy and covered with low quality chocolate. 

  • dont see the reason you woukd be IF'ing around in the first place, the picture shows you thin. any woman thats not obese dont need to loose fat. there's building muscle! muscle building will make you the jessica biel every woman should be.

  • I have experienced very similar episodes with IF, so I completely understand how unpleasant it can be. All I can say is to use it as a learning experience and it realize that these things (while they are not particularly enjoyable) help us learn a lot about our bodies. I have learned not to push myself with IF - if I feel myself getting too hungry while fasting, I break the fast with something my body digests well, like eggs or an avocado. Usually if I don't do this, I start to feel very nauseous, dizzy and irritable. Some days IF works for me and some days it does not. But I would say 95% of the time, if I break my fast with something non BP, I have a similar experience to what you described. Best of luck!

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