What Supplements Are You On?

Just curious what supplements you are currently using.


I am currently trying to conceive.  I definitely have to add a few supplements to the mix but currently I am on:


MCT oil in the BP coffee

5,000iu Vit D3

400MG Magnesium


Somedays a prenatal



I need to add in a possible multi mineral and some folinic acid and maybe a B complex.


Any recommendations?


Also just wondering if anyone is taking glutathione and also has amalgam filings.  I can't get a straight answer as to if I should be supplementing with glutathione if I haven't removed my filings---which by the way I will not be doing any time soon since I cannot afford the procedure.




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    Have you read the Better Baby Book?

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    You should definitely read the Better Baby Book.


    To answer your question, I'm taking:

    MCT oil

    grass-fed bovine spleen capsules

    grass-fed bovine liver capsules

    grass-fed bovine prostate capsules

    upgraded collagen

    l-tryptophan powder (I mix this at night with collagen, per Steve Fowkes' recommendations)

    upgraded glutathione


    vitamin d-3 (every other day)


  • I take:

    krill oil

    glutathione (most days when I can remember to do this on an empty stomach)

    upgraded collagen

    Mct oil



    liposomal Vit C

    alpha brain

    Acetyl L carnitine

    Vit D (maybe once per month--I also have a safe tanning bed for Vit D which has stabilized my D levels since moving to the PNW)

    sometimes melatonin at night


    I recently read on the forum you should not take anti inflammatory type supplements up to 4 hours post exercise so I have been trying to remember to take them with my late lunch for the best absorption. I LOVE BP forum, but I learn new stuff here all the time which causes disruptions in my regular routine. I'm sure I will get it right someday!


    OP: look into prenatal vitamins, it would be pretty rare that one would have the exact compound of the vitamins and nutrients you need in your body. Many can actually become free radicals or otherwise harmful.


    And to answer your question about glutathoine and amalgam fillings, I would take anything that would help the liver detox your body. Glutathione being probably one of the best things you can do so keep doing it! Also keep in mind hot temps tend to make the amalgam fillings off gas more. If you drink something hot, immediately follow with cold water. This is very important. Below are suggestions from the book by Dr Russell Blaylock Health and Nutrition Secrets That Can Save Your Life (LOVE THIS BOOK!!!). I have paraphrased the recommendations:


    Avoid chewing gum (for other reasons beyond this but especially if you have mercury fillings), don't use toothpaste with fluride, and try to avoid brushing the fillings (it releases more vapor), instead try flossing around them, oil pulling, or using mouthwash.

    Fillings tend to only last about 10 years. You may be able to fool your dentist by telling them the tooth is sensitive to see if you can get insurance to pay for a new filling?? But make sure the dentist is trained with IAOMT protocol before taking any of them out.

    Supplements for chelation/mercury toxicity: selenomethionone 200ug/day

    Alpha Lipoic ACid 10mg/kg/day

    Vit E 10 IU/kg/day

    NAC 1000mg with each meal





    Taking ALL of these seems overkill and expensive to me but I'm sure you can research the most beneficial ones to fit your circumstances. :)

  • Consider methyl folate (not folic acid). This is very important for the health of the fetus -- prevents birth defects -- and helps your cells repair RNA/DNA.

    Possibly b-12 (Methylcobalamin not cyanocobalamin). And lots of good fat, of course!


  • Have you read the Better Baby Book?

    Just ordered it
  • Wow, thanks for all the great replies. I will keep all your recommendations in mind.
  • Multi Vitamin



    Grass fed Whey 

    Carlson's fish oil - when I remember


    I cycle various probiotics from time to time 

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