Pregnant With High Vitamin D Level

Hi! I'm about 23 weeks pregnant and have been eating Paleo for about 4 years now.  During this timeframe, my vitamin D levels have consistently been between 60-80.  Last week, I had my blood drawn and my level was 174!  My diet is very clean and I'm not supplementing vitamin D (even though it's winter) as I know I get good amounts (lard, FCLO, pastured meats, eggs, fish, etc.) through my diet.  I did get some sunlight (I live in the Atlanta area) in the days leading up to the blood draw - probaby 20-30 minutes a day on face/arms/legs.  The only supplements I take are Emerald's whole food prenatal which has 1500 IUs of D and K2 MK7 (100 mg).  I do include some dairy (mostly raw cheese or grass-fed butter; sometimes raw milk) and eat lots of fermented veges (which I understand are a good source of K2 and should help with D).  The only change I made in my diet recently was adding in Calm Magnesium (300-500 mg) a day to help with sleep and constipation issues I had earlier in pregnancy.  I do eat alot of fat (about 50% of diet) and moderate carb (no more than 100 grams on any given day). 


Should I be concerned about this high blood level?  Should I retest in a few weeks or test any other levels?  I've had a good pregnancy (I'm 42, but have no known health issues - normal weight, very active, etc).  I do have a history of PCOS & infertility (this pregnancy was a great surprise - periods became more regular after changing diet and doing supplements for liver detox). Any insight is greatly appreciated. 




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