Carb Re-Feeds?

Hey guys,


I'm new to all of this so please bear with me!


With relation to Bullet Proof Intermittent Fasting, I've been reading a lot about it being recommended that women do a carb re-feed every 3-4 days.


Now as far as I can see from Dave's articles etc, you can eat carbs whilst in the feeding window of IF anyway. So is a carb re-feed another portion of carbs on top of what you probably would have eaten anyway?


Thanks in advance for any help you can give me,




  • This really depends on what your goals are, Dave talks about the cyclical ketogenic diet.  This diet is good for mental performance and overall well being.  It basically is what you touch on for women to refeed with carbs twice a week.  This refeed is to prevent damage which can result from being in ketosis too long among other things.  If you are exercising you should also likely consume some carbs after it (see articles or listen to podcast on carb backloading).  

    An example of this is what I am doing which is last thing I eat is 8pm and I don't eat until the next day at about 4pm having BP coffee at 7am in lieu of breakfast.  So I have lunch at 4pm, dinner at 630pm and exercise at 730 and have a small carb backload at 830(between a half cup to a full cup of rice).  The true refeed is much more carbs and falls once a week for me as I am male and is more like 2 cups of rice.  


    My meals contain very little carb save what is stated above as I am maintaining quite low body fat.


    Your diet then would be fairly similar if you wanted to maintain low body fat or to lose weight.  You could do without the carb backloading workout days if you are not exercising but must do 2 carb refeed meals as a woman.

  • Hello,


    New to BP, just started the RFLP on December 1, so just coming up on my second refeed day.  I am 43 years old, very active (professional ski instructor in winters- avid backpacker summers), and almost desperate to lose the weight I packed on after a really bad auto wreck, immune system crash and subsequent "recovery" 4 years ago.  I have a total of 94 lbs to lose (goal weight 134 lbs).  Yup.  You wouldn't necessarily guess that to look at me as I have a lot of muscle, however, I am just sick of the weight getting in the way of my athletic performance.  I have decided to go on the BPRFLP because my immune system is (FINALLY) stable and I have danced with losing then regaining 30 lbs over and over again, never really progressing.  Dave's research makes sense to me and I now recognize my overall relationship with alcohol, sprouted grains and fruits as the main blocks to priming my metabolism.


    I am strictly adhering to the protocol and supplements as outlined by Dave here: http://www.bulletpro...-loss-protocol/


    I have added a tsp of stevia and 2 tbsp BP cocoa powder to the BP coffee and have to melt the tbsp of butter at night into a plain chamomile tea, as I just can't eat butter straight up without gagging.


    Because I went cold turkey without the BP supplies, just from regular diet to store bought coffee and coconut oil, first week SUCKED -headaches, nausea, dizziness, weakness, rapid pulse upon moving, excessive fatigue etc.   Then my BP order came in and I couldn't believe the difference MCT oil and the the BP coffee made!  Energy immediately stabilized and no more nausea!  I have been able to work this past week just fine with only small periods of fatigue (mostly at night after a long day). Happy to report NO FOOD CRAVINGS/HUNGER throughout this entire period.  GREAT.


    First week I lost 6.6 lbs (amazing but I know mostly water weight).  Then on the 1st refeed day I ate 3 sweet potatotes, 2 cups organic sushi rice, 2 eggs, 8 ounces grass fed sirloin, 4 ounces wild salmon, 1 cup steamed spinach and 1 artichoke over 3 meals.  I also had four cups BP coffee, as I usually do daily throughout week.     I am skeptical that I can eat like this on the refeed day and encourage weight loss overall, but decided to go for it per the protocol, track my results and reserve judgement until I had data to analyze. So, not surprisingly, I gained 6.8 lbs.  I have lost 6 lbs since then, and most likely will be down another lb by tomorrow, which is my second refeed day.  So,  essentially I have lost as much as I gained in the refeed.  I am not discouraged by this as I understand my body is adjusting, and am willing to stick out another 5 weeks on this protocol to thoroughly test it, then transition to a BP diet with IF intervals.  If I find that my weight gain/loss is similar next week then I am cutting down the caloric intake overall of refeed day- most likely by half.  


    I also have not exercised other than a few miles of light walking during this time, which I plan on changing to daily walking 3-4miles and Body by Science lifting protocol 3-4x/week over the next 2 weeks.


    Just wondering if anyone has any further suggestions or recommendations for me- especially about the refeed protocol?  



  • okay so - while doing IF it should be a low-carb (or no carb) diet with 2 days carb re-feed?

  • I'd say more like twice a week and the amount of carbs being dependent on amount of exercise.  So note that the small amount of carbs post workout do not count as a true refeed.  This small amount is to ensure you don't end up with adrenal fatigue which women are particularly susceptible.

  • Hello - i'm not sure if this is the right place to post as it's an old topic but wasn't sure if I was supposed to start a new thread - basically i'm brand new to all of this so please bare with me! 


    I'm an almost 35 year old female, 5.4 and currently weight 142 Lb, I'm SO excited to have been introduced to bulletproof from a good friend, I feel I would have found you all very soon anyway but i'm very appreciative of the fast track.


    I have been struggling with my weight for many years, I was a very active youngster and did gymnastics, dancing and archery (random selection i know) and then when I found partying, immediately stopped everything and this is where my problem with weight began. I very slowly put weight on, mostly my lower half and didn't notice (probably because of all the partying!) until I was firmly locked in with quite an out of proportion pear shape. My upper body tones very easily but I hold a lot of weight in my legs, hips and backside. I've put my body through a hell of a lot trying to slim down my lower half over the past 12 years or so, intense cardio, gym visit's 5-6 times a week, boot camp, weight training, low fat diets, fasting to name a few, with very little change and a tremendous amount of frustration.

    Over the last 3 -4 years I've been on a huge transformation with my life, I've finally achieved the job pretty much of my dreams after focusing and working towards it and have been fine tuning my knowledge of the body, mind and nutrition, I've learnt to go easier on myself, to some extent and regularly meditate which definitely helps.


    I'm 2 days from completing the insanity programme, I know! I dread to think of the stress my poor body has been under after reading ALOT of the info on the website and listening to lots of podcasts, but i'm almost finished and i'm stubborn so will get it done and then I'm definitely looking forward to giving my self a much needed break, focusing on feeding myself with lovely healthy fats. Now I thought I had it all worked out but then I think about something else and I get in a pickle again. I've searched what I think is all the threads and googled it but I can't seem to find an answer to these particular questions - that may be because i'm missing something, so again please bear with me.


    As I see it, I IF everyday, starting with the BP coffee, GF butter and coconut oil (MCT is on it's way but the postman hasn't come yet!) and this is keeping me nicely satiated until about 2pm. I then i eat a high fat lunch, maybe an omelette with salad and avocado (i'm so excited about munching down avo's, can you believe I've been restricting myself to 1/4 of one a day before i found bp!) then about 7pm I will have another high fat dinner. Restricting my net carbs to approx 60g for the day. This is where i get confused, on my refeeding days, today is my first as i'm 4 days in, I up my carbs to 150-200g, in the evening. I find it hard to eat that amount of carbs in one sitting as 200g of sweet potato is only about 40g carbs.


    1. Can you spread your carbs through the day on a refeed or should they definitely be kept to the evening, ideally after a workout?

    The other thing is I've read that I should reduce my fat on refeed days to about 50g - I've already gone over that today as I had my coffee this morning.

    2. Am I supposed to avoid the coffee on refeeding days?

    3. Is it wise to avoid fruit altogether or can I eat more on refeeding days to add to my carb intake, or should fructose always be kept under 15g?

    4. Is it really ok for me to eat high cocoa content dark choc most days? I LOVE very dark chocolate...


    I'm sorry, I thought I had it all figured out but I can't seem to find answers to these anywhere. I'm also sorry if this reads badly, I haven't been sleeping too well since discovering BP, probably because i'm so engrossed and excited reading all the new info, I read all evening and then am wired at bedtime and only got about 4 hours again last night, which I know is not good at all, hence I did not workout today. I'll definitely sleep tonight as i'm exhausted.


    I know that I have probably messed up my body over the years and I have ordered a copy of the hormone cure, which is another thing i'm extremely excited about reading.

    I appreciate any help at all and sorry again for the ridiculously long post, i think it makes sense but then again I am super tired.

    Oh, just to say I am looking to lose a bit more bodyfat- insanity has helped to shrink and tone my bottom half, it's bloody intense so it should do. As with most things i try, i was hoping for more extreme results but now I understand the body a bit more i'm not surprised it wants to hang onto it. I have lost approx 5% bodyfat and 10 inches from waist, thighs, hips and seat. I'm now about 23% BF, exact measurements will happen on Friday. The scale hasn't moved much but I know not to obsess with that.

    I really want to lose more fat from my legs, knees, ankles and thighs ideally. I feel even leaner since starting this beautiful lifestyle change 4 days ago. I also stopped smoking a month ago so a lot of changes for me. I just want some help fine tuning.

    Many thanks


  • You should look at the new infographic for the BP diet. It talks about restricting protien 1-2 days a week. I use these days as my carb refeed days. You basically eat forms of carbs...berries, rice, taro, plantains, sweet potato all day but the greatest portion at night. I do not work out on these days so I only do a small carb load after workout 2 times a week. Coffee is fine on refeed days. Fruit is ok on refeed days as well as during the week in very minimal amounts unless you are being hardcore about BP diet. Fruit is considered a starch but it is more important what fruit you choose over eating fruit or not. Dark chocolate is fine...try to work your way up to 90% lindt type...I can't seem to get there myself, stuck at 85%!



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  • Brilliant thank you, I have recently printed this off but hadn't paid much attention to the protein fasting, rather focusing on the IF. That would help a great deal, I definitely have a lot of inflammation to reduce. With regards to my fruit intake, I love fruit but am not finding it too difficult to limit it and have blueberries occasionally. As a post workout refuel do you think this is ok:

    1 small banana, 250 ml almond milk (not sure how BP that is), 2 tbsp chia seeds (again i can't seem to find any info on them) and 1 scoop protein powder? I love this blended together.

    I tried the 90% once and wasn't sold but I'll def give it another go! I can't seem to find it over here (UK).

  • Oh...also if you think you have taxed your body at all and could be in adrenal IF and you need carbs every day. 


    Almond milk is not BP...canned full fat coconut milk is. Post refuel as per carb backloading should only be a small amount of carbs I think. So maybe try a fried ripe plantain, some rice with butter or sweet potato. Take a listen to this....I have not yet, but it gives more detailed info on carb backloading. 


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  • I did listen to that one the other day, but have since overloaded myself on lots of other info, possibly a bit too much all at once so will slow down and go back over it all. 

    I read a lot on the forums about blood/hormone work etc, the dr's over here aren't too quick to go for that, possibly because it's not private. I do actually have a dr appointment tomorrow so will definitely ask if I can have these checks done, it may be a case of doing this privately though and I don't have the funds right now for that. I think it seems incredibly important though, especially after years of hardcore exercise and different tweaks to my diet.


    I have quite a lot of coconut milk in the cupboard so that's all good. :-) 


    Thanks again Neutney.

  • no worries...when I started this diet I was in a learning overload too...I also really need to get my levels tested. But they are reluctant because it isn't private here either! and I don't have the funds to see a specialist who does bioidentical testing etc...

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