Not In Ketosis After Morning Bpc

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Hi guys,


I've been doing bp coffee in the morning for the pas couple of months. Alternating with bp cacao sometimes.


I'm a pretty skinny guy (145-150 pounds - 176cm tall) and i feel like i've been losing a bit of weight the past couple of months /which i do not want obviously)


I'm doing about 70-90 grams of grass fed gee in my coffee with around 3tbsp of brain octane around 9-10am i the morning (i get up late ;D )

I feel great, i have loads of energy until 1-2pm, if i don't eat before this i get SERIOUS nausea, and with the nausea comes brain fog, lightheadedness and some dizzyness.


I decided to check my ketones, and i don't even have a trace in my pee after 100+ grams of fat in the morning.


I eat bulletproof the the other 2-3 meals i have in a day. gf beef, eggs, veggies and so on. I started refeeding on sweet potatoes everyday a couple of weeks ago, because i got a keto rash on my hand and i lost too much weight and felt weak. this helped with the keto rash.


any ideas, tips, pointers omn things i might try?


Any help is greatly appreciated !


  • I'm similar and started losing weight in just a few weeks on weekly carb reloads so I think you are on the right track with daily sweet potatoes.

    Testing ketones in urine isn't accurate. Blood meter testing is the only way to be sure.

    If you are underweight and fatigued, why worry so much about ketosis? Just figure out the right level of carbs for your body. You can be fat adapted without worrying about ketosis all the time.
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    Ok, so i'm still using the fat for fuel even though my urine shows no ketones?


    My worry was that i was so carb adapted from a high-carb diet since birth until 5 years ago that i burned off my muscles instead of the fat i was eating leading to muscle atrophy.


    I'm doing IF for muscle gains (mTOR inhibition with coffee and if, but it doesn't seem to be working very well)



    just had 4tbsp of coconut oil with 2 tbsp of cacao and 1tsp of coconut sap sirup. And measured my ketones 1/2 hour later, and i'm in mild ketosis (1 nmol/L)


    So i guess a second bp coffe or a chocolate fudge like i had today is the answer, brain fog, dizzyness and nausea also disappeared after an hour.

    Does anyone have a good scientific explanation to the nausea and dizzyness? I'd love that info!


    Oh, and i worry about ketosis so that my body doesn't burn off my muscles for glucose. makes sense? or not? I'm kinda new to this science..

  • My diet is very similar to yours.. Im experimenting with extra protein an hour before my training session at 5pm.. My carb backload is usually a large meal of sweet potato and chicken or steak.. I love my evenings!! 


    I think your brain fog, like me, is down to just lack of calories, I make a large bpc at 9.30 - 10am its about 450ml... I will drink this pretty slowly till about 11am, then I feel like I can go till the gym, but I get the brain fog around 4ish... So I have a bottle of spring water but I mix in about 5-10g of creatine and sip this till my training session, sometimes I put glutamine also it seems to offset the brain fog (bear in mind i am cutting) ..


    What is a keto rash like? I'm very itchy right now and I dont know if its that or the washing powder im using.. I have a small itchy rash on my stomach and itchy tops of my legs, I get little bumps when I scratch there which sometimes will turn into a tiny pimple.. Very annoying.. 

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  • If doesn't work for me for muscle gain either. At least VLC doesn't.

    Your body can burn fat and glucose simultaneously. I think the ketosis confusion can do more harm than good. I feel a little sharper on ketosis, but it's not worth the worry to me. I'm sure I dip in and out occasionally. My mouth tastes different around 3-4 pm usually and I get an energy burst. Then I eat a few cups of white rice with dinner and it goes away until the following day. Most days.

    Check out the fat burning beast article by mark sisson.

    Urine ketones and blood ketones are different and measured differently. Don't bother with urine.
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    Keto strips measure excess ketones in urine. If your body is using all the ketones you produce, you will not trigger the keto strips. Also they can expire. 


    If you got a keto rash and lost weight, it's hard to believe you were not in ketosis. 


    mTor is a little overblown on this forum I think. Yes, it works, but it's nothing in comparison to lifting heavy things and eating lots of protein. If you are eating enough protein, muscle wasting is extremely unlikely. You'd need to have some kind of wasting disorder. 


    If you are worried about wasting, calculate your lean body mass, figure out the protein requirements for that, then make very sure you get that much protein per day, ideally not all at once. Track using a scale AND a measuring tape. Pick a few areas of your body with a lot more muscle than fat - the tape measure shouldn't change much if you lose fat, but should change if you lose or gain muscle. To gain, pick your target lean body weight, eat enough protein for that, eat a bit more protein, and lift heavy things once or twice a week. Adjust carbs until you feel strong every time you exercise. Another way to track muscle is exercise progress: if you can do 10 reps of a given exercise at a given weight this week, and manage 12 reps next week, you definitely strengthened your muscles, and likely increased their size. See Jason Miller's bulletproofing the athlete thread in the Athletic Performance subforum for dialing in your protein/carb/fat ratios. 


    Lastly, no healthy diet should leave you feeling weak/nauseous, etc. Track and adjust protein/carb/fat ratios and meal timing. 

  • How many hours or days do you allow yourself to be in ketosis? I am still learning! Thanks !
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    I don't take blood measurements, so I'm not 100% sure I stay in ketosis after big meals. But I eat very low carb and no sugar, so I'm assuming I've been in ketosis up to 6 days, with a carb refeed on the seventh. That's about as far as men should take it without special attention to detail. The human body needs carbs - just not nearly what's listed on the food pyramid. 


    Women seem to need more frequent carb refeeds, 2 or 3 a week. Check out the women's forum for info on that. 


    How many hours or days do you allow yourself to be in ketosis? I am still learning! Thanks !

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