Have Any Of You Had Any Skin Issues While Being Bulletproof?

Hey y'all


Just a question... Ive noticed since I started bulletproof and Bpc ive noticed I get some annoying acne type spots... 


I'm 34 and never really had a lot of acne as an adolescent but since starting bulletproof some annoying nose spots and on the tops of my legs that seem to come and go but leave a blemish that doesnt seem to go.. 


I cant attest that this is bulletproof dieting but this has appeared in conjunction with my diet.


What you guys think?

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  • Hey y'all


    Just a question... Ive noticed since I started bulletproof and Bpc ive noticed I get some annoying acne type spots... 


    I'm 34 and never really had a lot of acne as an adolescent but since starting bulletproof some annoying nose spots and on the tops of my legs that seem to come and go but leave a blemish that doesnt seem to go.. 


    I cant attest that this is bulletproof dieting but this has appeared in conjunction with my diet.


    What you guys think?


    How long have you been BP?


    It could just be your body detoxing and flushing out all the toxins.


    This happened to me at first and now my skin is great! 

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    Might be a food sensitivity - eggs, dairy, and/or nightshades perhaps.

  • no acne but i did have one incident where i had the worst chapped lips ever for about a week. also my feet got drier than ever this year, and even had a crack in one of my toes that was pretty uncomfortable. i suspect it was more because of the weather and the house i live in now. could be too low of carbs though?

  • I have some acne on my calves and the odd bit on my face.  But it was pre eating paleo too.  My right hand has issues with dry skin I thought was ringworm but after two different antifungal agents no dice so I guess it's just dry skin.  I apply coconut oil on it and that seems to help but I seem to have to apply it a lot to keep it at bay.  I tried giving up eggs but it's made no difference.  I am very hard on my hands though and have some serious callouses from weight lifting.  I notice the hands are much worse after time in the spa or after weight lifting.

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    Found my skin improved once I finally got more fat adapted. Takes a while and quite a bit of commitment to see benefits.


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  • Ok, been bulletproof for about 4 months.. How do you become fat adapted? Is this a ketosis thing.. Im prob not in ketosis as I eat carbs after training, following Kiefer's carb backloading with a bulletproof twist.. Took my blood glucose last night was 5.1mmol/l before food after fasting all day (just BPC) after food (200g grass fed chicken, 100g grass fed bacon, loads of broccoli and cauliflower) I was 6mmol/l, which I was happy with after checkin Chris Kresser's website for blood gluc fluctuations. 


    I have also been experimenting with eggs, I ate 3 a day without fail and now I have stopped, I found that the dryish skin on my face has completely gone... cool!

    I have used a different washing powder (ecover) I felt itchy after this and come to think of it since I started i have felt dryish skin.. I have now changed back to a 2 in 1 persil regular brand see if that works... I guess I have always been a sensitive chap when it comes to dermatology.  


    Was wondering if hormone upregulation would affect sebaceous oils, as I know my test is higher now than it was.. 


    How long has it taken you guys to get accustomed to the high fat diet? 

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    Took me a while to get used to a high fat diet. At least 2 months before I really got used to it. But then, I'd been experimenting for a while in Paleo before I found BP.


    I still have some skin issues. The skin on my hands, especially around my fingernails, has been cracking and bleeding a bit lately, which is weird. The winter's been particularly brutal this year, which may play a part. It could also be some sort of nutritional issue, perhaps. Not a fan of that. Also, my lips have been super chapped and my dandruff persists despite higher carbs and weekly zinc supplementation. I'm kind of transitioning towards a higher carb diet, kind of like the Perfect Health Diet, where I only do ketosis like a day or 2 per week and otherwise try and get my fill of safe starches. I've ditched BP coffee (might still use it on occasion), and am trying to get more sleep. I've considered using some BP moisturizers, but honestly that'd only cover up the symptom, rather than the root cause. Very much interested in hacking my skin issues, though. Especially the dandruff. My eyebrows and beard are even flaky. It's ludicrous!

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  • On the Slow Carb Diet I didn't get any acne or anything related. On the BP I do but it is not enough for me to get frustrated with it. It probably has more to do with the 10-20% of foods I eat that are not perfectly bulletproof.

  • Two things to think about:  Lets assume you are burning fat. Fat stores toxins that you have consumed maybe even years ago. Those toxins are being recirculated. When people lose fat they can have reactions to those old toxins.  Especially if you have a lot of fat to burn through you could feel terrible and get frustrated.  I would do everything possible to help your body flush that stuff out so it doesn't cause a new problem or get re-stored.  That means drinking a lot of water with lemon, taking some supplements that absorb those toxins, supporting your liver and gall bladder functions and even doing a salt flush or coffee enema or so, take a mineral supplement so you can release.  Most people are deficient in magnesium. Some people have gall bladders that are shriveled up from avoiding fat.  I just learned about "bitters". I always wondered what the heck Swedish Bitters were for.  They stimulate the gall bladder to produce bile so when you do eat fat it gets digested properly.  Lemon juice works too. Unless the toxins can get out fast they can recirculate or get backed up causing all kinds of weird problems.   


    The other thing is if you are cleaning your insides out by eating better you may be losing a layer of mucus that your guts formed to protect you from the crap you ate before.  As that goes away and you are actually able to absorb nutrients, it makes sense that you might become more sensitive to things that used to slide on through.  Eat light and let your body adjust. You might feel good eating a lot less than you did before.  What a savings in time and money that can be.  If you have a lot of fat to lose you might need to do it in stages if it's hard to manage.  Understanding how things work makes it easier to deal with.  I'm no expert but the more I learn the better my choices are.    All the best. 

  • Thats the thing with these skin issues, it could be I need to have a better maintenance regimen.. I've now started applying e45 after every shower and making sure im drinking enough water, I can see improvements already.


    I think becoming bulletproof is a huge dietary change for most people, I never used to eat as much butter as I do now, I seem eat so much less (I just dont get hungry) and I skip breakfast, this is not the me of old... So, of course I'm going to have a different biological outcome.  I'm gonna keep on with the regimen of keeping as hydrated as possible, applying moisturiser and getting my vits.. Last night before bed I took ZMA, vit D3, coconut oil and a tea spoon of raw honey.. I slept like a log, feel a little tired today, but my skin feels smoother, just less dry! 


    I am going thru a bit of a slow summer cut, I know that if I drop my carbs to one day a week I will lose all the muscle I have gained, so following the carb backloading principle of carbing day before big weights sessions.. I tried the body by science method for the first 2 months of the yr and see the benefit if you have no time...but, nah, I love training hard and the feeling of my muscles being pumped, also I feel in better shape already... but, each to their own! 


    I'm happy with the diet, I feel sharper, more productive and definitely more confident in knowing that this diet is right, it feels right.  Just I prob have 32 years of eating wrong to get out of my system.. somebody get me a priest!!! :-)

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  • So funny you said that "Get me a priest".  I just had a naturopath tell me that all physical issues have spiritual emotional causes and in addition to diet, exercise and environmental toxins I should work on spiritual healing as well.  I found an old time preacher who is all over the net, Derek Prince who really speaks to this.  He's kind of rocking my world.  


    That naturopath is also adamant that nothing will work unless I commit to getting rid of ALL the body care products, laundry soap and household chemicals that have xenoestrogens in them.  He says we are WAY more sensitive to these than we think.  The skin absorbs chemicals directly.  I found the Environmental Working Group's lists helpful and I'm in the process of detoxing my home.  

  • StevoStevo Upgrade in Progress

    Check out John Brisson's fixyourgut.com

    I took a probiotic once for a month as per one of his recommendations and a side effect I noticed was my skin dramatically improved. I think having a healthy gut will help your skin.

  • DemonofChouka

    Dandruffs in the eyebrows and the face suggest that you have seborrhoeic dermatitis! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Seborrhoeic_dermatitis 

    I went to a dermatologist, because I developed two patches in my face, which became periodically flaky. The doctor asked escpecially for the eyebrows, which aren't affected in my case. This popped immediately into my mind after reading your comment. I have had dandruffs for years, then 2 years ago these flaky patches appeared - pre going bulletproof. I tried to hack the occurence of these patches with no success whatsoever, they appeared completely at random. My dermatologist said the seborrheoic dermatitis can not be influenced by your nutrition, which I agree with after many tries of cancelling out eggs, dairy, nightshades, etc. It is an overgrowth of a specific fungus, which isn't affected by food.


    I got prescribed two cremes, one with "ketoconazol" for 2x daily appliance and a stronger one, which I should use when it gets flaky. The first creme worked very well so far, as there was no need for the second creme (Imazol comp. creme). I use the cream like once per 3 days, because I'm lazy. Still works very well.

  • My skin care is quite experimental but with pretty amazing results.  Right now, I'm using some DMSO with MCT oil, Upgraded Collagen and a tiny bit of Upgraded Coconut Charcoal.  An Agate cloth is great for exfoliating and plain coconut oil is excellent for cleansing.  You can make some pretty effective homemade skin formulas to maintain awesome skin health without huge expense. 

  • Trying to follow the bulletproof diet - particularly the macronutrient recommendations - made my skin oily and my scalp flaky. Eating more carbs and fruit pretty much fixed it.

  • I break out very occasionally but overall my skin is much better now than 1.5 years ago.. It's just a lot more plump and pretty, less thin and translucent. I feel I have better sun-resiliance, too. I used to "feel" the sun and look for a sun-hat all the time.

  • If you are having itchy dry skin and dandruff from Bulletproof, you are most likely too low in Omega-6.  The diet itself is way too low in Omega-6 and sort of assumes you are eating enough normal foods to supply it.  The more you exactly follow the protocol, the more deficient you wlll be. Olive oil is not a good source of Omega-6 either.


    Please, please try adding a tablespoon or 2 of grapeseed oil, hemp oil, or corn oil a day!  This will give you the minimum.  Omega-6 is an important essential nutrient that your body cannot make.  Skin issues are the first sign of deficiency, but it will really affect your health!

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