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  • Sounds cool Jason! I am interested in trying diffent ones out anyway so as long as you have some way of packaging them seperately or otherwise marking them to tell each one apart then I am in too.
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    Great!  I will ship abroad with the understanding that:


    1) It is your responsibility to find out if these drugs are legal in your country

    2) The shipping will be higher

    3) I will declare the value of the package to be $1.00 to intentionally defraud your country's government


    If you are agreeable to those terms, I will count you in.


    Twenty-five more to go!




    None of the smart drugs or cognitive enhances are sold here require a prescription and are therefore legal to buy in the UK:


    Shpping as expected will be higher and UPS and DPD Courier not bad and DHL good but expensive.


    We`re in.


    Also, you could start a test group thread, although small,  based on your stack (N=32) here.

    Could be a good way to introduce others to Nootropics and what to really hype, just feedback.

  • I suggest you open this up to the Longecity or Reddit communities. We do a lot of group buys. If you want my help to do so as a reputable member both places, I'd be glad to do so.

  • I want in on this also please.  Let me know what you need ... thanks

  • Welcome to the Bulletproof forum, sandiego.  I see this is your first post -- let the moderators know if we can be of assistance.



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  • Nic and Kat have valid points about keeping this as an in-house experiment.  I will do my best to keep it here on the Bulletproof forums so that people can share their experiences.


    My machine does one hundred caps at a time.  It is going to take me ten batches of each supplement.  Given that I am going to individually weigh every dose (volume measurements are crap) it will take me quite a while to cap everything.  It will all be worth it if I can help my friends on the forums - and in turn, we will help one another by posting about our experiences.

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    Let me just do it this way then:


    I will cap everything separately in size 00 capsules.  You will get:


    30 x Aniracetam @ 750mg

    30 x Oxiracetam @ 800mg

    30 x Pramiracetam @ 100mg

    30 x Alpha GPC @ 300mg

    30 x Vinpocetine @ 20mg

    30 x Adrafinil @ 300mg

    30 x Phenylpiracetam @ 200mg

    30 x Noopept @ 15mg


    For $113.30, plus shipping.


    That way, you can experiment with a new nootropic every month for eight months.  You will get some good experience with a wide variety of smart drugs.




    Hi, I would be new to this. Did my reserch and I want to give it a try.

    Can you put me on the list please?

    Any idea of timeframe on that?

  • We have 17/32 people who have expressed interest in this project.  At this rate, it will be about another month to get the rest.  Then, I have to order the bulk powder and it will take a few days for them to deliver it to me.  When I get it, I will cap them, package them, and set up a PayPal to collect payment.  Then I will ship them out via USPS priority mail (or international mail in a few cases).

  • I would be interested in this. I am new to Nootropics and would like to piggy back on your stack to learn more.  


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    Count me in.  I want to start experimenting with these nootropics.  

  • I'm interested in purchasing this sampler pack as described. Please count me in and keep me informed.
  • I just collected a random assortment of YouTube videos to try and show some n=1 from a diverse group of people.  Check it out:


    Alpha GPC








    (Big fan of Anthony Lee - we need to get him back to the forums!)














  • Hi Jason,

    I would like to give it a try too.

    I live in The Netherlands.

    Please keep me updated.
  • Would be 100% interested in this steal.


    From Northern Ireland/UK, pretty sure all the supplements are legit here(if anyone knows otherwise I'm all ears).

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