Anyone Like Rock Music?

Yo , 


Been preaching the BP diet for a while, but I also play in a pretty kick ass rock band if anyone fancies a listen


Have a check, tell me what you think!!! 



 \m/(>.<)\m/ - my rockband!! \m/(>.<)\m/



  • Yo , 


    Been preaching the BP diet for a while, but I also play in a pretty kick ass rock band if anyone fancies a listen



    Have a check, tell me what you think!!! 



    Dude this is bad ass! So legit.


    LOVE IT! 

  • Thank you buddy!!!  :cool:

     \m/(>.<)\m/ - my rockband!! \m/(>.<)\m/

  • Your voice is sick. It reminds me of Mile Kennedy! 


    Do you guys have more than 4 songs to listen to right now? 

  • Yes! Alter Bridge is one of my favorite bands, and this definitely has that feel to it. 

    Good stuff!

  • Need to write a BP song. ;-)

  • Haha, Myles is one of my fave singers.... Defo an influence..


    We dont at the mo, we have an 11 track album on the way so will keep you posted... 


    Thanks for the facebook likes tho, need all the help we can get!! So hard to get anywhere without being taken for a ride!


    Ha, defo a bp song...Bulletproof is a kick ass name for a song anyhow!! 

     \m/(>.<)\m/ - my rockband!! \m/(>.<)\m/

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    I like butter, I like meat,

    I like low-toxin things to eat,

    Researching food, to find the truth,

    Its how I live: BULLETPROOF!





  • I dont have time to listen right now, but do you guys have a guitarist that plays left handedly?


    Did you know they always come up with great shit?


  • Yes we do.. Thats Brennan... He came up with the question "What the hell was Slimer from ghostbusters, before he died?" 


    The most thought provoking question ever asked!

     \m/(>.<)\m/ - my rockband!! \m/(>.<)\m/

  • edited March 2014

    Haha. I am right handed and played the same instrument this way for years. Since I switched to fretting with the right, I noticed such a profound difference in the way I felt playing the instrument, no more the same frustration that every single righty guitarist feels, all I wanted to know was what did Jimi do to be able to play the same song entirely different, every single time.


    So now my theory is that through history, any stringed instrumentalist that played lefthandedly offered a lot more variety in their final product. Most bands, even the classic ones, tend to have one or two successful break-through albums, and many, many after those, where they just try to repeat the success of the first.


    But you cant! Why? Because the wether or not you are left handed, anything your left hand does needs to be automated. You cant reason as well with your creative hemisphere, but still right-handed guitarists keep thinking that they are going to hit a creative high fretting with the left, but the only thing you're doing is automating the notes you play, meaning, you end up playing the same stuff over and over. Ofcourse most bands have one or two successful albums this way, but very few of them offer consistence. Tony Iommi, Kurt Cobain, Albert King, Ashley Mcisaac, Candlemass, Cesar Rosas, Skindred, Coco Montoya, Doyle Bramhall (II), the list goes on and on with players that have the ability to blow minds but they're overlooked. Because most of us know that "Hendrix was the best guitar player there ever was" but very few are "Experienced". What did Jimi mean with being "experienced"? Its very simple if you've listened very closely, for a longer time than modern attention span allows. The very notes Jimi plays induce a hypnotic-trance. Why are there no scientific studies done on this? Sure other music gets you a buzzed a little here and a little there, but JESUS Christ did Jimi nail it.


    Purely scientifically; the right, creative half of the brain controls the left hand.


    So anyone who wants to maximize their creative output should play all stringed instruments the unorthodox way.


    I could go on and on, but despite what people will say about this, and especially guitarists hate hearing this, when they should be the ones listening the most, all you have to do to is to take any amount of random righties, and the same amount of random instrument players that play lefthandedly and try and answer the question of whom has more variability in their end-product, be it their entire album, how much do the songs vary, how constistent are they?


    So hang on to Brennan and you will have great music. Start playing yourself, it helps with several sources of output.


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