Camping Food

Hello everyone! I'm looking forward to a camping trip on spring break and realized I have no idea what food to bring. Most of the things I eat involve a blender, stovetop, refridgerator etc. Does anyone ever go camping or hiking on BP or paleo diet? What do they eat? I'm sure it's possible, seeing as paleolithic people didn't have blenders. All ideas, experience, suggestions are welcome.


Here of some of my thoughts:



Smoked salmon

Hard boiled eggs


Raw carrots



That's about it. I may or may not bring a propane stove. If I do I'll be able to make coffee or tea, but I'm not a fan of unblended butter or ghee in my drinks. Also that adds a lot of complications with dishes and such. I like to keep it minimal when camping.


Anyway please tell me your thoughts! They'll be much appreciated.



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