• So we've spoken of poop, drinking our own urine, and now... eating urine soaked eggs.


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    We're certainly cutting edge!

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    What the actual fuck.

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  • Speaking of Chinese food, where do dogs fall on the BP infograph?

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    Shouldn't this be in the recipe section? (thank God it's not)

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    Is your social worker in that horse?


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    Speaking of Chinese food, where do dogs fall on the BP infograph?




    Dogs are green so long as they ate a raw food diet with plenty of organ meats. Modern suburban kibble-based dog diets can cause inflammation which leads to an unhealthy O3/O6 fat profile. The problem with street dogs is you really can't be sure what they ate or what parasites they're carrying, so you should only choose lean cuts and cook it very well. Generally mutts have healthier meat than purebreds, with the exception of dachshunds which are basically ready-made sausage. 


    The eggs are bulletproof unless they are the famous Chinese fake eggs


    It's also important to ensure the boys are actually virgin, but because of the one-child policy only a small amount of the urine used for boiling could possibly come from a non-virgin boy. If you are a purist, though, you'll need some kind of process to absolutely ensure 100% of the urine comes from virgins. 

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