Newbie Questions

Hi all, how are you all doing?

I'm new to the site and am really excited. I started the diet on monday. I already ate similar to this and already had plenty kerrygold and some raw butter and grass fed meat etc so i had most of the foods there including coconut oil.

I always went off the diet as i always doubt myself. My main concern was losing muscle as i was eating little carbs then i would eat carbs and justify doing so as i didn't want to lose muscle.

When i seen daves transformation it has given me the motivation to stick to it this time as i am at 275 pounds at the moment. I feel lucky finding this site, it is fantastic.

My questions are : did dave go from 300 pounds to 200 using the bulletproof diet?

Should i worry about muscle loss? If so is there a minimum amount of carbs i should eat to counteract the loss?

So far i feel really good. The most noticeable thing so far is i'm sleeping better and waking up earlier feeling refreshed.

Sorry for the long post




  • I'm not sure what the carbs are doing in relation to muscle, but Dave wrote a post on intermittent fasting (IF) in which he gained muscle without exercise, and the majority of calories from healthy fats. Yes, Dave writes about how he actually decreased exercise frequency, ate his bulletproof diet (increasing calorie intake) and gained muscle, and lost fat.
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