Newbie Question: How Many Calories Are Enough On Bpd

Hi Forum! 

I confess, I'm a newbie. But I have done my homework. 


I've listened to every podcast, read a few of the recommended books (and a few more are on my shelf to be read), and figured out my own plan to do BP for me. 


My concern is that I'm not actually eating enough. I work out (weights and yoga) and walk (I have a dog) every day.  Using MyFitnessPal, my calorie intake has been less than 2000 every day but I've not been hungry because (I'm assuming) I'm getting plenty of fats and proteins. (Less than 80g of carbs each day.)


How can I determine if I'm actually getting enough food?


One thing I was always told (which maybe false) was that I shouldn't eat if I'm not hungry. What do you all think - and what has been your experience going BP?


By comparison, before I would get RAVENOUS around 11 am and 5 pm like clock work. Now, I'm not really feeling hungry except once a day in the evening, and that's pretty mild.


Any advice you may have would be so welcome!   

Lots of love and thanks in advance,



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    ^^ yep.


    I've noticed hunger is very different for me when I'm fat-adapted, which I think is because my body recognizes there's more fuel to be had (body fat) so there's no emergency. I can eat less than 1400 calories a day without feeling super hungry, and my BMR is probably well over 2000 calories. 


    Especially when I am intermittent fasting, I need to eat even when I'm not hungry. The smaller the eating window, the more eating while not hungry happens. 

  • Thank you, ACH85 and Jason!

    Now off to Google for a BMR calculator and symptoms of caloric deficit. 




  • Welcome to the Bulletproof forum, cassieleigh!  Always good to have new members.

    For more information on the Bulletproof Diet and lifestyle, please check out the Bulletproof Executive's home page: 

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  • I found it took a long white for me to not feel hungry in the am with only BP coffee. I started with 1 TBSP butter and MCT each. That wasn't enough initially. I slowly upped it to 3tbsp butter and 2Tbsp mct. I was on that for almost a year and recently I have slowly cut back to see if now that I can burn fat well, less could be more. I am down to 1 Tbsp of both and will keep it there. I am now adding collagen or making iced coffee with whey to help my gut and adrenals. 


    Play around and be patient. If you need to in the beginning, eat some protein in the am or some BP ice cream with coffee. you will not be in ketosis but some women work better with protein in the am. 

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  • As per Jason Miller's advice, I'd also dip your dark chocolate in coconut oil rather than eating nuts (which is my weakness) is way more satisfying. 

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    ^^agreed...or use coconut butter or whipped coconut creme. YUM! 

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  • Hi Everyone,


    thanks for answering my question and providing suggestions. Thought I'd give you all an update. 


    Yep - I was eating WAY too few calories for the first few weeks both on paper and in natural consequence. My BMR is around 1450 - and I was getting between 1500 and 1800 for the first while. However my estimated "burned" was closer to 2100 every day. 


    Naturally, after a few weeks of this I was ravenous. I didn't have insane cravings for "not-food" like bread, but I physically felt the need to keep eating more - up to about 2500 for a few days. Then things started to level off a bit once I actually fed myself. 


    Now, I still keep track of my food, but only pay attention to the calories to make sure I get enough - 2K minimum as I typically use at least that much. I get enough  by cooking with more fat, which I came to mental "grips-with" while reading The Better Baby Book looking at percentages and servings. 


    BP coffee has been a real lifesaver too. It's really all I need to get going in the morning, though I am adding protein (thank you, Thea!!) as it's not always easy for me to eat as much as I need during the day with out some in the AM too. 


    I appreciate all the feedback folks. 




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