Myfitnesspal Shock

I decided to try MyfitnessPal today. It was very easy to add our diet in there. A search on the word "Upgraded" or "Bulletproof" shows that a lot of those foods have already been put in the database.


I had a shock when I looked at my data though.........I only ate 1,366 calories today!!!!! It was not a big day  but I had slabs of butter in my Coffee, 4 egg yokes in my Whey Protein smoothie, grass fed hamburger and other sorts of goodies that you would think would give me to brag about my robust caloric intake!


I am fat adapted and was not that hungry today, but after debating with my wife that "Calories do not Matter" (or at least they are low on the list) perhaps they matter more than we realize?


I am a 39 year old male who is 5.9 and 157 pounds (lost 17 pounds on BP and added a few pounds of muscle). I am curious to hear what you other Bulletproofers have for caloric intake?


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