How Long Do You Drink Your Bp Coffee In The Morning? 8Am Until ?

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Just wandering how long it takes for everyone to drink their BP Coffee?  I like drinking it when it is hot but normally that makes my stomach rumble.  


Its 11:18 am right now and I'm just now finishing mine I started at 8 am or so.  I normally make enough for my travel mug I take to work and about 2-4 oz more that I drink right before heading out the door. So I drink about 20-24 Oz a morning. Normally use a tablespoon or more of MCT and 3-4 tablespoons of Kerrygold.



  • When I was drinking BPC, it'd usually be down within 30-60 mins.


    Mmm, I miss it. :)

  • I whip it up, put it in a thermos and drink it over the course of an hour.  No stomach issues with that slow process, and I am up to 2 tbsp of mct oil now.

  • Make it around 6:30 every morning. I make 24 oz. of coffee with 4 tablespoons of butter and 2 tablespoons of Brain Octane. I drink 8 oz. before heading out the door at 7:00, and drink the remaining 16 oz. over the next 2-3 hours.

  • I drink mine btwn 8am and don't usually finish it until 11am...I get too busy and forget about it. 

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  • maaxgrreenmaaxgrreen keeping it hella ancestral

    Sometimes it's down in 2 hours. Sometimes 8. As long as i'm done by noon or one, I usually won't feel it later on. 24 oz, 2 tbsp MCT.

  • I make mine around 7am, 20oz and I finish it usually in between 11am and 1pm.

  • 4 tbspn KGB

    2 tbspn Brain Octane

    16 oz Upgraded Coffee

    Drink it down in about 5 minutes while i pet dogs about 6am.

    I then down nother mug of just Upgraded coffee in the next 15 minutes or so...

    Out the door...


    Usually don't eat again until late afternoon or even supper...

  • I usually make mine at work between 9 and 10am. 20-24 oz. I nurse it for about two hrs and finish up between 11 or 12. First meal is usually 2pm.
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    I drink mine like a normal cup of coffee, so around 15-20 minutes.

  • Several hours. Probably from 8 am- 1:30 pm. 

  • Ususally takes me about 45 minutes from 6am to 645am. 

  • I can't stand cold coffee. I blend mine around 5:30, and it's gone by the time I walk out the door at 6. My stomach wasn't happy at first (when I started a month ago, I couldn't finish the whole thing). I usually eat lunch at noon.

    2.5T Kerrygold

    1.5T MCT

    16 oz. Upgraded Coffee

    1t cocoa powder

    Couple shakes of cinnamon

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  • A couple hours or so. I usually have it made around 7am and drink the last of it at work in my Contigo by around 9am. It's still fairly warm by then, but there have been times where it wasn't but I dealt with it.  :shock:

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    I tend to drink it in about 30 minutes, but I generally max out at 2 tbsp butter. But for some reason this thread made me wonder about chugging it. Which I didn't do (only because it was too hot) but got me thinking... 


    When you consume a bunch of butter in the form of BP coffee, what exactly is going on in your body? (I'm excluding MCT because it's absorbed via a different pathway) When glycogen is totally depleted, you'll use it via ketosis, but if you're drinking BPC after your carb refeed day, glycogen is definitely not depleted. Exactly how all the fat we drink gets converted to energy is actually a pretty relevant question that I don't think Dave has covered in-depth. 


    Obviously we're fasted in the morning, and BPC keeps us full for a long time even if we drink it fast. So there MUST be some kind of storage of triglycerides whether in the intestines, intestinal walls, or in the blood as triglycerides, chylomicrons, or VLDL particles. What's going on?


    Is it:


    1) Pancreatic Lipase is a rate-limiter, so the fat stays in your intestines and only slowly leaches into enterocytes (intestinal cell walls,) at the rate that PL can break it down to monoglycerides and free fatty acids?


    2) Re-formed triglycerides in enterocytes chill out in the enterocytes until they are ready to be formed into chylomicrons? (chylomicron formation as a rate-limiter)


    3) There are so many triglycerides in the enterocytes that only some form chylomicrons and the rest are released as free triglycerides and float around until they are used? (trig uptake as a rate-limiter)


    4) You get elevated blood chylomicrons which float around providing energy to cells?


    5) Elevated chylomicrons are broken down in the liver into a bunch of VLDL which then floats around dropping off fatty acids at a cells via LDL receptors?


    6) The liver gets so many fatty chylomicrons that it switches to ketosis even when it has glycogen?


    7) Something else?



    By the way, I'm basing a lot of my understanding of lipid metabolism on this video from WellnessFX, and the stuff I'm talking about starts at 3:57 (time linked)


    EDIT: now asked in the Ask Dave Anything thread here

  • 30 minutes.... start at 5am, dont eat again until 230 or 3pm

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