Drinking Bad Coffee With Good Food

If you drink bad coffee or non-bulletproof coffee from like starbucks or if you are at work and you use one of those single serving pods from Green Mountain or whatever...will it ruin the nutrients - or disrupt your absorption of those nutrients in the good food (i.e. a grassfed beef salad) you just ate?


What about other things like a Diet Raspberry Snapple Ice Tea with artificial sweeteners, etc. will it disrupt or completely F-Up all the good food in your stomach?


  • hahaha.


    if you live and eat great 100% of the time for one week, and try to keep at it for as long as possible, you will notice a saddening difference when you try some of the stuff you ate before the "experiment"

  • ACH85ACH85 ✭✭

    You won't feel as good, but you'll probably still absorb and utilize most of the nutrients from good food. You survived without acute malnutrition before the BP diet, right?


    The exception would be if the bad food is bad enough to create some kind of immune response, GI absorption issue, or flush you out. So coffee bad enough to make you pee soon after you drink it is having a bit of a flushing effect. As a very extreme example, if you get food poisoning, you won't absorb many of the good nutrients from that meal before everything comes flying out of you.


    It works the other way too, with BP coffee's effects degrading if you eat a bad meal later. That's one of the many nice aspects of intermittent fasting with bulletproof coffee. You've likely processed anything nasty from yesterday by morning, then your clean BP coffee powers you for a while so you have a great morning. 

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