Bp Dehydrator Recipies Or Suggestions

Hey are there any suggestions or recipies for making her key or using dehydrators?? I been making beef jerky with grass fed and finished local beef marinated in lime and fresh chilies and pink salt and into the dehydrator is this BP?? Any suggestions to make it BP


  • Welcome to the Forum, Salvie77.  You might try checking out the Bulletproof Recipe section of the forum, although I'm not certain that the use of dehydrators has been a frequent topic here.

    Good luck to you!


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  • zero33zero33 Thinks plants have feelings.

    some raw foodist stuff is bulletproof because of the ingredients and "lightly cooked" aspect...


    if you google "raw food dehydrator recipes" you'll come across a wide variety of things - some looks pretty good, some looks like turds.

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