Resistant Starches Creating Butyrate In The Gut

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So perhaps we may want to look into taking raw potato starch to feed the right kind of gut bacteria? Maybe just on a carb refeed day? 


"Since the resident gut flora produce the butyrate, and everyone has different levels of the different flora, the degree of butyrate production varies according to the individual, but resistant starch consistently results in lots of butyrate across nearly every subject who consumes it."


There are a number of other benefits to Resistant Starches mentioned in Mark's article:

"Improves the integrity and function of the gut. Resistant starch basically increases colonic hypertrophy, making it more robust and improving its functionality. It also inhibits endotoxin from getting into circulation and reduces leaky gut, which could have positive ramifications on allergies and autoimmune conditions."

"Reduces fasting blood sugar. This is one of the most commonly mentioned benefits of RS, and the research seems to back it up."

Which may actually make it good for Ketosis.



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