World's Oldest Person


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    The very picture of health. Wow, what a robust 116-year-old. I wonder what her stack looks like.


    No, seriously, I'd rather look like this in my old age:




    Living a long life is great, providing that you can sustain a decent standard of life. I'd rather be built like a brick shithouse till the very end and die in my sleep. Or during an orgy or something, rather than lingering on like that poor, frail-looking woman.

    "I know how to despise mere cool intelligence. What I want is intelligence matched by pure, physical existence, like a statue." --Yukio Mishima


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  • StevoStevo Upgrade in Progress

    She just came back from an orgy.

  • It's a big question if I prefer live so long an be so ugly disabled person on not...

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  • RekaReka ✭✭✭

    Still very good for a 116-y-old, come on, people often look like this in their 70's, no wonder they die sooner. I bet she was strong and fit in her 70-80-s.

    It doesn't get easier... It's you who gets better.


    Is your social worker in that horse?


    Success has a price, not a secret.

  • How old is that guy? He's defo hitting the Gh and the test...


    She was born in 1898 that means when she was my age it was 1932, that was before ww2... she lived through a hell of a lot..

    Wonder what she thinks of the world? if she can remember!

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