Is Exercise Neccesary For Building Muscle?



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    Do you even lift?

  • Intermittent Fasting will cost you muscle.  Kiefer (of and  Carb BackLoading and Carb Nite) argues that more than 12 hours of fast will start to cost you muscle... there's some potential muscle-preservation via nicotine and creatine use, even with IF.  But introducing some protein and fat at 12 hours is probably necessary for optimal muscle, even 10g of protein every few hours and some fat.


    Muscle atrophy doesn't begin for 4 weeks...IF does not directly cost you muscle. But it's harder to cram all those calories and macros in a smaller eating window, thats the real culprit. 

  • Hi All,


    I'm a newbie and hopefully this post is vaguely on topic. 


    I've just turned 40 and have been looking for an exercise routine which is quick, develops and maintains a relatively muscular body and does not lead me to come muscle bound - in the sense of loads of different muscles firing to unnecessarily to perform a simple task. I'm also finding the recovery period of lifting heavy weights is hindering my focus at work.


    So I've been trying an exercise routine re-discovered by David Bolton  ( Its basically the routine performed by Eugen Sandow (moustachioed, fig leaf over privates old style muscle man) and many others of that era. It involves a repetitive pump of specific muscles using 2 kg dumbbells as a focusing tool. As much importance is given to relaxation as well as tension. Over the past month my muscles have changed in quality, more relaxed yet slightly rubbery and gradually putting on some mass, although the IF counters this slightly. All in all I feel great physically doing this, no post work out fatigue and feel a lot more relaxed and body aware during the day.


    David concludes that this type of training may have originated in ancient Greece and its interesting to note that the pictures of Eugen Sandow look more like the Greek athletic statues than modern day body builders.

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