Hacking The Nervous Systems

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Really struggling about which category to put this topic in but it fascinates me. So about 20 years ago I was studding History at Swansea university, including a course on Vienna at the turn of the century, learning about Freud, Klimt, Hitler and all the characters around at that time. One was Johannes Itten, a Painter in the  Bauhaus movement who was a follower of a certain Otoman Zar-adusht Ha'nish (hows that for a name) who taught a lot of breathing exercises and postures freely available on line now http://www.mazdeen.com/breath/postures.htm. These included a set of Egyptian Postures.....which nobody has ever heard of.


Fast forward a year I was in Perth Western Australia visiting cousins and whilst there met a fascinating Egyptian guy, Mr Seleem, who was teaching ancient Egyptian breathing exercises for the 12 senses and a set of postures designed to develop the nervous systems. I had just finished a year of Egyptology so this I had to see.


This was part of a larger group of Egyptian movements including stretching exercises, power exercise (including animal named movements like the "leopard leap") and a martial art to integrate everything. There was also sound exercises to stimulate the glandular system. 


The postures taught by Mr Seleem were similar to those taught by Mr Ha'nish but with more emphasis on the correct form than can be seen from the pictures on the web.


Almost forgot to mention the effect of these postures (slow movements whilst holding the breath) is pretty "out there", visions, unusual sensations, strong sense of relaxation afterwards. According to Mr Seleem many of these postures were practised with bare feet inside a red granite basin of water at sunrise (as if they weren't powerful enough).


The breathing exercises were done on blocks of red granite stone (piezoelectric and small quantities of radon gas being emitted) to give them a real kick. The practitioner would clench cold bars whilst holding the breath. We used copper.


I wouldn't go as far as to say I advocate extreme breathing exercises but it fascinates me that the nervous system was given such importance in the physical culture of the ancient world. I also like the Egyptian approach to bio-hacking. Separate out the different systems. Develop each one and then integrate them together. Alchemy.


I currently practise Z Health every day because it specifically targets the nervous system through joint rotation in specific ways (and doesn't involve quite postures - although this was fun in my 20's). I'm still experimenting with Z health and will feed back.


Would love to know if anyone has had success with hacking their nervous system. Intuitively I feel it is a really important area but not something which is easily talked about.


Also happy to post some more about my experiences with the ancient (I realise how mad this sounds but there it is) Egyptian physical culture. 


  • I am tall and have quite a slim build. There is no way I could hold this posture (just tried it and hurt my neck a little). However I am curious if the more muscular people out there could easily adopt this posture or is something more than muscle strength required? Does it require a highly developed nervous system? 




  • I've been interested in using specific breathing patterns to influence the nervous system. Pranayama is an ancient Indian practice of breathing and postures to help with meditation that sounds similar to what you're talking about. The basic working mechanism seems to be consciously changing your breathing patterns to coax your brain into thinking it is relaxed or whatnot. Some of your postures may work on relaxing the psoas muscle which is deeply connected to our fight-or-flight response to make us curl into fetal position or start sprinting. 

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