Best Way To Track Hrv 24/7

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Or at least during the waking hours?

The ear snub sensor from heart math is out of question. Doesn't matter if one is ok with looking a bit weird, it still comes off easy.

I also bought Bluetooth chest strap from wahoo called blueHR. But it can hardly pick up the beat. I read the reviews on amazon and there seems to be a lot of problems with it. But not for all people.

Dave spoke about some chest sticker in a podcast. Anyone tried that?


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  • Thanks for the recommendation. Nothing less intrusive than the chest strap out there?
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    Nothing I've seen on the market, keeping track of your HR 24hrs you'll find nothing other than the chest strap. Not seen any of the wrist trackers that work well enough to track your hear rate all day (if at all).


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  • let me keep my hope up. who wants to bring home a date, unbutton her bra and then she unbuttons my hrv chest strap.. 

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    Found a wrist watch that tracks hrv as well:–technology.htm

    Cost $200

    Accuracy of the watch is not optimal but still kind of good.

    Guy who tested and compared accuracy of hrv to polar h7 chest strap:
  • I have the MIO Alpha and use it to monitor my HR on a regular basis.  Although i have been using it for abut 6 months i was still a little skeptical as to the accuracy.  I had knee surgery today and wanted to see how accurate my MIO Alpha was so after surgery i put it on in the post OP room and compared it to the HR from the hospital equipment.  The Nurses and other physicians were amazed at how accurate it was since they have never seen the MIO Alpha before, it was a big hit.  It was almost on point with the HR machine i was connected to +/-2.  Just wanted to reply to everyone because i have not seen much talk about this product on here and plan to get the next get product that will support ANT+ as well.





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    Can't find anything on their website that says it does HRV! Just Heart rate.


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  • Can't find anything on their website that says it does HRV! Just Heart rate.

    Mm, i couldnt find anything either. The link in my previous post says he used it to test HRV. I just send them a mail and asked. Will post the answer here for you when I get one.

  • Response:

    "Thank you for contacting us! Both the Alpha and LINK track beat-to-beat heart rate and provide an ECG accurate reading using optical sensors. With that said, while it is possible to export the captured data from certain third-party apps (such as Wahoo Fitness) for review by a medical professional, we are not currently aware of any methods of generating wave forms from the data.

    We must also note that while the readings are ECG accurate, the Alpha and LINK are not intended as medical devices. The algorithms have been tuned specifically to offer readings when exercising at performance speeds of up to 14.4 miles/hour while running, unlimited speeds while biking, etc, and are meant primarily to free people from the chafing of chest straps.

    Please let us know if you have any further questions.

    Warmest regards,

    MIO Support Team

    [email protected]"

    I read the test the guy had done above again. It seems like he built two apps as well, which used the data from the mioalpha through bluetooth to calculate the hrv. I guess the apps are availble for download,
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