Has Anybody Had Any Experience Using Sites Like Freelancer.com Or Similar?

Just wondering..  I am a CAD contractor and was looking at using this site for some extra income I can do at nights I'm staying away from home.. 


A lot of the work is pretty simple, usually drawings for manufacture are required or some concept modelling.. 

I am yet to make a bid on a project yet tho.. Just wondering if anyone has used or could even recommend a better site than this for freelance work!?



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    I haven't used them but check odesk.com as well.
  • You can try elance.com as well. Elance and odesk.com are similar. These, along with freelancer.com, are the bigger ones, I believe.


    You may want to try LinkedIn as well, and reach out directly to companies/clients that you think may need work.

    Find some profiles, click to request to be approved/added to your network and of those that do, send them a short email saying who you are, what you do, and just seeing if they need any work done. That, and a call to action to either email or call you.


    If you go this route, keep it short, just an "introductory" email. If they're interested, they'll reach out to you.

  • Ive bought a lot of services on odesk.com and elance.com. I usually look for 4.5+ ratings and dismiss any contractors with lower scores than that. Usually look for people with a few feedback scores as well.

    Try and bid a very low price for a couple of very small jobs you know you can deliver on time and perfectly. Get some feedback scores and learn the process before bidding on something bigger.

    Dont worry about competing with south east asians on price. Compete on quality, service and keeping deadlines.
  • I strongly second the LinkedIn suggestion above. On sites like Freelancer, if anyone even gets selected for a project (many times no one is), you'll be competing with many other people throughout the whole process and it's largely based on price. On LinkedIn, you can openly communicate your skills and values in a way that you want and worry about price later, allowing you to make yourself look like an attractive investment rather than just another dollar amount a company needs to spend.

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